studies on the dynamics of civilization

The City of God, Science, Man

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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The Nation

The minimal platform that humanity needs as a starting platform for meeting the Ice Age Challenge, is the concept of the nation.

No lesser platform will enable humanity to develop the cultural and physical resources that must be in place when the Sun goes inactive in the 2050s timeframe with a 70% reduction of its radiated energy. That's when the Ice Age begins and all the northern nations become largely uninhabitable in the space of less than a year.

It becomes the task of the nation to build the infrastructures that assure its survival. While international cooperation becomes also necessary, this won't be possible without the core unity of a people as a nation, regardless of what specifically this unity is built on.

But how does one develop this core unity that creates a people's identity as a nation?


The "City of God" concept is a scientific platform for stepping above small-minded thinking. Small-minded thinking is a box from which one can't see far, especially far into the future. The box is so tight that the Ice Age that is near on the horizon is not even recognized as a potential reality, even while it will disable the territory of Canada, Russia, Europe, and parts of China, the USA, and India in potentially 30 years.

It will take a lot of individual responsibility of the citizens of these nations to reach out of the box of dense science illusions to see the writing on the wall presented by physical evidence, and then to inspire their governments to create new infrastructures for agriculture and human living (not just survival) that will assure the continued survival of humanity under the coming severe ice age conditions.

Some time ago I produced a wide-ranging study of what is involved in stepping away from the trap of small-minded notions with an expanding focus on the common aims of mankind

See: From Night to Dawn - The Individual Responsibility

The LaRouche Political Action Committee also has produced a number of video studies centered on the sense of the nation, which I have grouped together for this purpose. One can see the nation, in the larger sense, as a people's collective soul, a cultural soul.

Link to the LPAC videos: Group 1 - The Nation (Soul)

The fact that the coming Ice Age is not recognized on the horizon almost universally at this low level, gives us some faint indication of the vast distance that must be traversed from the current low-level stage untill the Ice Age Challenge becomes acknowledged and is fully mastered.


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