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 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche.

Critically needed:
To raise a 'church' within, in order to rebuild the Renaissance of Truth and Love in civilization.

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Truth is fading by denial. We face three existentially critical issues and society squeezes its eyes shut, and says NO to itself, while each of the issues is gigantic in itself.

  1. The hair-trigger nuclear weapons standoff - unsurpassed in all  history in tensions and destructive power and insanity.- This real! The bases are loaded! An unexpected sneeze can trip the trigger for the extinction of humanity.

  2. The world-financial and economic collapse - by the most massive looting privatizations of all times. We are at the tipping point! Unimaginable consequences are assured! We're standing at the cliff, blindfolded, led by the blind.

  3. The ongoing transition towards the Next Ice Age in the 2050s. - That's critical! That's here! It's happening! The Process is on! One needs to be blind not to see it, and be devoid of love not to respond to it.

Our inner church, the church of Truth and Love that upholds all spiritual issues, requires the most advanced concepts of science that have been developed by the most advanced pioneers in their field, in order to inspire humanity to raise its science to such levels of truthfulness that it will understand enough to heal the decaying artificial political dynamics, and respond to the unavoidable astrophysical dynamics that are presently unfolding towards the start of the next Ice Age in the 2050s. Truthfulness, is the key here, for the required solutions.

The Ice Age imperative, all by itself, is enormous. It requires the relocating of entire nations from outside the tropics, into the tropics, together with new agriculture, cities, and industries, far away from the areas that will become rapidly uninhabitable when the ice age phase-shift happens. The task to relocate much of the world for this, pales all the lesser challenges, pursuits, and crises, including the nuclear-war threat, into insignificance. This means that a new renaissance needs to be created in the present timeframe in preparation for it, for the continued existence of humanity, and this while time is running short.

The healing that is required in the short time that we have left, may seem almost impossible under the presently prevailing circumstances. But with science set free, we may yet win the price and create ourselves the means for continued human living on this planet.

Among the sciences in the spiritual realm, the realm of truth and love, we find Christ Science  located that should be termed the queen of the sciences. With the Christ being recognized as the spiritual idea of God, the science of it has the potential to inspire society to claim its divine status as an infinite species with unlimited potentials.

Since 'Christ Science' urges us to truly reach towards the infinite - the native home of our humanity in all aspects - its institution of 'church' within us, may inspire us at length to reach further today than we have ever reached before - thus to come closer face to face with who we are and one-another.

This website is designed to support the 'church universal' within us; the church of Christ Science that is seen by its effect in uplifting the world with universal love for our humanity.

The four main elements of the Church of Christ Science within are:

Reading Rooms

(Morning Prayer Hymns)

(Living the truth)

divine Science
(Open door to infinity)

 (supported online)

Its 'Reading Rooms':
The online Reading Room offers 14 different major libraries, all free online  on history, economics, Ice Age science, spiritual church, some offered as printed books, some as PDF files, videos, audio books, and interactive explorations.

Its 'Services':
The online Services provide the complete set of the most scientific link between the spiritual history of humanity and leading-edge spiritual science - the historic first universal Bible Lessons originated by Mary Baker Eddy in 1898. The presentation is enriched with music, hymns, and more, under the heading: "Morning Prayer Hymns."

Its Aspirations:
It has been said: "You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free." But what is truth? And what is freedom? Isn't it the objective of any concept of church, "the structure of truth and love," to help us find answers to these questions? A space traveller, observing us, might call us "a people of a living paradox, to whom truth is what they do not wish to see."

In the nuclear weapons face-off, especially with the first-strike intention now on the table, the terror-game has been pushed to such intensity that automated response to warning has become unavoidable, and with it the incineration of the world. We live on borrowed time, with our eyes squeezed shut.

In economics, society has allowed itself to be looted to such extremes that civilization is dying under the weight of it, while it elects the most-insane as leaders who celebrate insanity as bliss.

In the Ice Age arena, we say that truth is a personal thing. We say, truth is whatever we wish it to be; don't speak of evidence!

And in the sexual arena, there too, we say the opposite to what we know to be true, and even celebrate to be true in countless different secret ways, while we say NO to it to one-another, and force us socially into line.

 Yes, we are a living paradox. Maybe our aspiration should be, to resolve the paradoxical self-denials that we practice on all of these fronts, and therafter live richly and securely as human beings should.

Its Science:  
Since science, as a whole, has wide forms of expressions in which we discover more and more of the truth of ourselves and of the nature of the universe, our having a panel for science explorations available to us, becomes a keystone for advancing our recognitions of the nature of our humanity and ourselves as an infinite species.

     The following links are provided:

  1. To videos on Christian Science

  2. To a large panel on science in general.

  3. To numerous types of explorations.

  4. To Mary Baker Eddy Christian Science. The link presents a wide range of resources on aspects of the science of spiritual healing that Mary Baker Eddy has discovered, developed, presented, and termed, Christian Science.

Science is a spiritual pathway for discovering what is true, which includes numerous fields ranging from astrophysics to civilization to politics and economics, with a wide range in between.

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