The Sun a Plasma Star

  Ice Age Science Illustrated by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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A society that doesn't believe in science,

or only superficially - that believes in

opinions, doctrines, dreams, and myths, -

has nevertheless the capacity to awake.


The Gas Sun theory, the darling of mainstream cosmology by near universal consensus, is so full of holes that a whopping eleven major paradoxes put the Gas Sun theory deep into doubt, and effectively invalidate it.


Paradox #1 - The Sunspot Paradox 

Paradox #2 - The Solar-Wind Paradox 

Paradox #3 - The Solar-Wind-Acceleration Paradox 

Paradox #4 - The Super-Hot-Corona Paradox

Paradox #5 - The Low-Mass-Density Paradox

Paradox #6 - The Giant-Stars Paradox

Paradox #7 - The Solar Cosmic-Rays Paradox

Paradox #8 - The Solar-Cycles Paradox

Paradox #9 - The Sunlight Paradox

Paradox #10 -The Atomic Elements Paradox

Paradox #11 -The Differential Rotation Paradox


The Plasma Sun concept, in contrast, has none of the paradoxes attached, of the Gas Sun theory, but is instead supported by a wide range of measured physical evidence, with contributions by NASA, the European Space Agency, ice coring projects, laboratory experiments at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and by other related experiments.


The experiments and discoveries that present us a picture of our Sun as a Plasma Star, also reveal our Sun to be an immensely variable star, and a star that is presently diminishing towards a phase shift to the next Ice Age in potentially the 2050s. We are in a boundary time-zone towards this event, with numerous fringe effects telling us that we are near the end of the line, and that a climate collapse is in progress that is accelerating, - that promises the end of the current form of agriculture long before the Ice Age phase-shift begins.


What sets the Plasma Sun effects apart from all other dangers - such as political dangers, wars, even economic collapse, which have grown so ominous and dangerous that they can take the house of civilization down to the point of causing the extinction of humanity, as in the case of war - is the simple fact that the political dangers, wars, and economic collapse can be prevented almost overnight if the actions to do so are taken, while the Ice Age Challenge cannot be stopped by any means that we process, with consequences that only very few would survive, but which can be avoided by humanity building itself a technological new world that the now ongoing climate collapse cannot affect.


The point is, that the political existential challenges are all optional, while the cosmic Ice Age Challenge is not. That's the difference. The difference is enormous. It is dangerous. And it is tragic, because the field for the strategic defense of humanity is empty. The most precious gem on Earth, which is humanity, remains presently unprotected and on a path determined by ignorance, poised to commit suicide. Whether humanity will heal itself in time, of its 'smallness', remains yet to be seen. The potential exists for humanity to awake. Here lies our hope to have a future, a bright future by necessity. The Plasma Sun stands at the forefront of this hope as a key element to inspire actions.

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