Support Structures
for Christian Science Bible Lessons

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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61 pages (8.5x11")


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The book is focused on the textbook chapters and their relationship to the various aspects of the City Foursquare structure. The textbook chapters are applied to the foursquare structure as a developmental structure, not a platform structure. The sequence begins with "Prayer" in the lowest position in the first column and ends with "The Apocalypse" at the highest position of the fourth column. The elements that are associated in the book with a textbook chapter are the applicable verses and illustrations of "Christ and Christmas", the applicable stanzas of the "Lord's Prayer" with Mary Baker Eddy's interpretation. But most of all it presents the applicable portion of the "Glossary" structure, as I had developed it over many years as an example.

I use the book in conjunction with the Bible lessons. The textbook citations that make up a part of the Bible lessons, as they are published in the quarterly, are only listed by page number, never by chapter number or title. I find it useful, as I read the lesson, to know which chapter a citation is from and what its title is, and also what the chapter represents. This referencing is easily accomplished with the index of the green book. The index lists the chapters by name, together with the start and ending page numbers.

When I receive a new "Quarterly", I mark it up by adding to each citation the page number of the green book where the chapter's number, title, and associated details are listed. In this manner, whenever a profound statement is made within the context of the lesson, it becomes easy to look up what specifically stands behind the statement. This often sheds additional light on the selected citation in the flow of the lesson, or increases its profundity. The green book is essentially a reference book that brings together into one place what is related to a textbook chapter.

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