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  Ice Age Science Illustrated by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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When physicists don't believe in physics anymore


 The illustrated scenario of two 'black-hole' super-massive neutron stars orbiting their common gravitational center, spiraling into each other in the space of a second, throwing off gravitational waves in the process, and bending space by their gravity, is a wonderful fairy tale of which not a single element is physically possible. It is a dream in the mind of physicists who don't believe in physics anymore. Known physical laws refute the scenario, such as Kepler's and Newton's laws. Nevertheless, evidence has been measured that suggests that the physically impossible scenario has indeed happened.


The resulting paradox is explored in this video. The exploration opens the scene to wider horizons, past the barriers in science created by small-minded thinking. The only aspect of the illustrated scenario that is not addressed in the video, is the gravitational bending of space, which is not possible either. This aspect is addressed in the video production, "Black Holes Under the Stars".


While the illustrated scenario is not physically possible, and therefore could not have happened, a related scenario, that of the planet Earth spiraling into the Sun, which should have happened eons ago, hasn't happened. Why hasn't it?


Astonishing answers come to light, when one looks beyond barriers in science. With these answers the paradoxes are resolved quite naturally.

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