Plasma Astrophysics: Queen of the Sciences

  Ice Age Science Illustrated by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

 The book combines the transcripts of both the introduction and overview videos


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The book is focused on Plasma Astrophysics: The queen of the Sciences. The presentation in the book is made up of two segments.

The first segment presents a broad introduction to the Science of Plasma Astrophysics.

The Sun is seen with a different face in the Science of Plasma Astrophysics. It wears the face of a plasma star, energized at its surface, externally powered, which renders it variable in solar activity and radiation. The Sun is thereby also the master of the climate on Earth, including the Ice Ages. This is extraordinary? And so is the evidence for it.

The second segment presents a 13-part overview series, of explorations of the major aspects of Plasma Astrophysics.

The theme "Extraordinary Evidence" was inspired by Robert Brilz who was looking for real evidence for the extraordinary claims of Manmade Global Warming, or Manmade Climate Change, which has become a major political doctrine in the West. He found no such evidence.

The reason for the lack of extraordinary evidence supporting the extraordinary claims of Manmade Climate Change, is simple. The reason is that is not possible to present extraordinary evidence, for something that does not exist.

In comparison, it is easy to present extraordinary evidence for something that does exist. This takes us to Plasma Astrophysics where everything is real and extraordinary. In Plasma Astrophysics extraordinary evidence exists in abundance. This, by itself, renders Plasma Astrophysics the most extraordinary of all sciences, with implications even for economics, national security, and the security of life itself.

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