Our Sun A Cold Fusion Plasma Star

  Ice Age Science Illustrated by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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If you want to discover how the Solar System and the Sun operate outside the 'box' of empiricist-constrained science, allow me to invite you to a tour of exploration.


The greatest opportunity of all times lays before us. but...  Humanity has no future without an anti-entropic, highly efficient, high-density energy source.



** Cold Nuclear Fusion Powers the Sun.

** It is impossible for the Sun to be a gas sphere.

** The Sun is a plasma star with electric nuclear fusion.  

** The Sun we see, is not as we expect it to be.

** The universe is motivated by the plasma-sink process.

** Cold fusion drives the universe.

** Solar fusion IS cold fusion, we should replicate it.

** Alfven Wave oscillations.

** The coronal heating paradox.

** The accelerating solar winds paradox.

** Historic astrophysical evidence.

** Presently visible, large plasma structures,

** Solar wind, Ice Ages, and our future.

** When sunspots speak to us.

** How do we get out of the paradoxical trap?

** Solving the impossible paradox before us  

** Deception of normality.


Ever since false 'science' has turned the nuclear-fusion-energy principle upside down decades ago and diverted relative research into dead-end pursuits that are enormously costly in capital and human resources, while this 'science' closes the door to the actual realization of nuclear fusion energy, it became imperative, for a crash program to be launched into the right direction.


The ITER experiment, in France, is a case in point. It is built on a principle that is a deception from the start and has never produced usable end-product power anywhere in the world. One of the primary purposes of the facility was to demonstrate that steady-state operation is physically possible. This too, is a deception. The fusion of tritium and deuterium atoms isn't the power-producing factor, but merely facilitates the unbinding of the excess neutron of the tritium. For steady state operation the tritium must be replaced. This is planned to be accomplished by utilizing the unbound neutron to split a Lithium-7 atom into helium4 and tritium with the release of another neutron that may not be energetic enough to cause a chain reaction. It is hoped that for each of the neutrons generated by the fusion process more than one replacement tritium atom can be harvested from the Lithium fission. This is what the fusion power process depends on, but this may not happen. We will know in 2035 what the answer will be. Likewise, it is presently unknown if the helium produced in the fusion reaction can be purged from the reaction chamber fast enough, before it dilutes the fuel and stops the fusion reaction. This typically happens after a second (the current world-record in fusion-burn duration).


Nuclear fusion power production is a dream that will likely never come to. It is a process that doesn't happen anywhere naturally, nor does it power the Sun.


If society aims for a real nuclear-fusion-energy production, the quest must begin with letting go of the empire-inspired false doctrines about the Sun, and to acknowledge the actually operating principles of the Sun, which render the Sun a plasma star powered by its interaction with interstellar plasma streams. For this plenty of evidence exists, reflecting numerous scientific principles, verified in space, on the ground, in labs, and by numerous other measurements.


The point is that when one aims for a crash program to succeed, it becomes imperative to begin with actual scientific discoveries that point in the correct direction, instead of rushing into an intentional dead-end project such as ITER is. Of course, it is hard to break with the doctrines of the masters of empire, and to accept advanced discoveries of demonstrated physical principles.


I have produced numerous videos on the subject. The challenge is great, but when it is met, real nuclear-fusion energy, or related efficient processes, are well with society' realization, and this in the short term - not multiple decades in the future

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