Napoleon, the Ice Age, and the Empire Sun

  Ice Age Science Illustrated by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


Napoleon, the Ice Age,
and the Empire Sun

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ISBN-13: 978-171924437

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The magnetic field of the Sun's north pole has vanished as another shoe drops on the 'rush' to the next Ice Age with its potential phase shift in the 2050s.

The magnetic polarity reversal at the polar regions of the Sun, which happened in 2013, didn't materialize for the North Pole of the Sun. The Sun, presently, does not have a magnetic north pole anymore. The northern magnetic polarity is neutral.

How is this possible? Let's ask the Sun what it has to say about that. For this, we need to decipher its language of the principles that make it tick.

As we let the Sun 'speak', it tells us an amazing story, of why its solar cycles are getting longer, its polar magnetic reversals weaker, and its sunspot numbers are getting smaller. It also tells us how this is connected with the fact that it rotates its surface faster at the equator than at its poles.

The opening music for the original video is the opening music performed at the 2017 BRICS Summit gala event. The up-beat music reflects our human potential to build us a new world that the Ice Age cannot touch, and to build with it a brighter and richer civilization than we presently have.


The Ice Age imperative that we have gleamed from the diminishing Sun may be one of the biggest drivers that we have to inspire us to work together as a single humanity, to create a New World for us, thus to lay aside the small-minded terrors that presently darken our existence and our future, such as the nuclear weapons threats, imperial wars, economic collapse, political insanity, and so on.


Yes, we have the potential to build us a bright future as we discover evermore of the already near Ice Age that is poised to grip our world. The more we allow the Sun to present its case, we will find us inspired to move with it, not in ignorance of it. And why shouldn't we move with it? The principles of the solar system lay before us for the grasping. Our response then follows naturally.

Universal good, as a concept, is already on the agenda in China with the Belt and Road initiative. It is also on the agenda in the form of the call by Russia for a new world-security architecture that can actually work. The ‘rush’ for meeting the common aims of mankind appears to have begun, and its beginning appears to be on track with the astrophysical ‘rush’ to the next Ice Age that we cannot evade but can raise ourselves above with building us a New World that the Ice Age dynamics cannot touch.

So it is, that what seemed hopeless just a few years ago, is amazingly now sweeping the world, sweeping it clean of archaic myths and modes, sweeping in truthful perceptions from numerous directions at once, even to the point of letting the Sun speak for itself, thus building us up into the direction that is raising evermore people out of their easy chair, into action.

This exploration presented here is a part of the unfolding movement towards the inevitable universal good. 

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