Ice Age of the Dimming Sun in 30 Years

  Ice Age Science Illustrated by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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Ice Age of the dimming Sun in 30 years? Yes, but how to live with it 


Question: How many colors are in the rainbow?


If your answer is, seven, then you confirm that the Sun that lights up the rainbow cannot be a sphere of hydrogen gas heated by nuclear fusion from within, because if it was, you would see only 3 colors at the most, in 3 narrow strips, according to the hydrogen emission spectrum


Since the Sun, according to the evidence that we see every day, cannot be a hydrogen sphere powered from within, what then is it? How is it powered? These questions can be answered. The evidence speaks for itself. In the course of the exploration it becomes apparent that the Sun is not its own master, but is powered from interstellar plasma streams, focused on it by electromagnetic primer fields. The process is delicate. It is fragile to the point that the Sun can become 'inactive.


It is hard to imagine that our Sun - which is widely regarded as an invariable constant, undergoes activity fluctuations, resulting in climate changes on Earth. But this what we happening, in a process that has just begun. The Sun may turn dim overnight with less than a third of its energy output remaining. This may happen in roughly 30 to 50 years from now, with which the next Ice Age begins.


Surprisingly, evermore evidence comes to light, from research in plasma physics and astrophysics, that indicates that the dimming of the Sun is near. With this considered, the already happening astrophysical event will shape the course of humanity more extensively and more profoundly than any other event in known history. Science becomes of critical importance here, to shape the direction.


As human beings, we have the power to mobilize our creative and productive resources, and thereby meet the great challenge before us. As we do this, we will find that in the process of meeting the great Ice Age challenge, the greatest challenge of all times, we will create ourselves a brighter world than we can yet imagine in which the coming Ice Age won't affect us, versus having no future at all.


Of course, we can also do nothing, as is presently the case, and thereby die on the 'default train' when the cosmic phase shift begins without us being prepared for it.  In order to inspire some interest in society, for getting itself off the train to tragedy, I have re-organized and expanded my earlier video production, "Ice Age of the Dimming Sun in 30 Years." By popular request after more than 25,000 viewings of the original video, and in response to comments received, I gave the presentation a new form, and included additional leading-edge discoveries in science. This book contains all the transcripts and images of the expanded version.

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