Ice Age Boundary Zone

  Ice Age Science Illustrated by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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The great Global Warming (by the Sun) has ended in 1998. The Sun is gradually 'dying' towards the full Ice Age. Solar activity has already collapsed to half since 1998, measured in Berillium-10 and Carbon-14 isotopes ratios, as well as in reduced sunspot numbers, reduced solar-wind pressure, and in reduced radio solar flux intensity. All the measurements that have been conducted that measure solar activity, have collapsed to half. The measured solar collapse is correspondingly reflected in the Earth getting colder year after year. The full Ice Age is near. We are in the boundary zone to it. Crop failures are increasing in many parts of the world and are getting increasingly more-severe.
To the degree to which the nations lose their food resources, the nations cease to function as viable nations, and ultimately cease to exist. When food can no longer be produced, the populations become refugees. While in some cases the lost food production can be compensated with imports, for as long as those are available, ultimately the effected populations find themselves evicted by the cold and disabled agriculture, with no place to go to.

Fortunately, the looming tragedy can be prevented in a highly developed human world, with the building of a technological New World that the Ice Age glaciation cannot touch, where agriculture can continue, and our food production with it. Tragically, nothing is moving on this front as if food production was of no concern to anyone. We should see massive movements happening in this front, and those moving fast. Instead, we see no movement at all. Thus, the gravest crisis in history unfolds before us.

A collapse process has begun by which human living in Canada, Europe, Russia, and large parts of the USA and China, is becoming increasingly precarious. The question needs to be asked here whether or not this trend to zero in human living will be reversed before the entire planet becomes largely uninhabitable in the 2050s by extreme cold and extreme lack of precipitation. That’s the danger. The evidence is plain. The transition to the next 90,000-year glaciation phase is already in progress and is far advanced. One only needs to open one’s eyes to see it. The universe is changing. One needs to move with it to live.

While the critical recognition of what drives the solar dynamics in the real world is blocked by a tragedy in science, a society of human beings still has the power to step itself past the blockage that shrouds reality, and discover the truth. The fringe effects that are already felt worldwide are getting more intense, while we have 30 years still remaining with increasing effects still to come with a potential magnitude that no one has experienced before. Thus we need to get serious and quickly on this front, while we still can, and start to build us a New World in which we can live, which also promises to become a renaissance world by the dynamics involved.

A new type of war is needed on this front - not a war to destroy our world and kill one another - but a great war against small-minded perceptions, to build up a strategic defense of humanity against the Ice Age consequences. That's what is required for humanity to have a future, even a brighter future with a richer civilization than we presently have, on an otherwise largely uninhabitable Earth.
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