Ice Age Science Recapitulation

  Ice Age Science Illustrated by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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A comprehensive Ice-Age-Science exploration


The video explores 4 time-frames, from 500 million years ago to 30 years into the future.

It explores cosmic climate-change dynamics, freshwater, energy, agriculture, and culture.


The Strategic Defense of Humanity?


We are, potentially, 5 to 15 years away from Canada, Europe, and Russia loosing its agriculture - the foundation for their physical existence as nations, and are possibly as close as the 2050s, together with all nations outside the tropics, loosing their territory to the resuming cold, snow, and ice of the near Ice Age.

While we have the resources and technologies on hand to build us a New World that the recurring Ice Age cannot seriously affect, nothing is being built to secure our food supply and future existence. The great challenge before us is simply ignored, almost universally. To say that we are in a critical situation, because of the ongoing denial, is a gross understatement.


What do we know, because we have physically measured it?


In order to better understand the climate in our time, and to enable us to respond to its imperatives, let's review what we actually know about the climate on Earth in terms of what we have physically measured or photographed, because what we know is amazingly big.


Leadership is required in the Campaign to Secure Our Future with the Science Paradigm of Truth.


Science opinions, that are often intentional Imperial science traps, are fast becoming displaced by the 'voice' of extensive physical measurements that establish a science paradigm based on the 'truth' of physical measurements in numerous diverse disciplines. It is unique that the measurements place the world's climate scene squarely and directly into the court of the Sun, including that of Global Warming, which had peaked in the 1990s and is now collapsing back again in the shadow of diminishing solar activity that may take us all the way to the start of the next Ice Age in the 2050s.

This video, a wide-ranging three-months project, is my most-comprehensive production on the Ice Age subject to date. The video presents an overview of the astrophysical dynamics, most of which have been carefully hidden for political objectives, and explores the severity of the Ice Age consequences for humanity. It also opens a window to the grand opportunities for humanity, by it coming out of its small-minded shell, scientifically, and technologically, in the face of the magnitude of the challenge that the near Ice Age imposes. Grasping the opportunity that it opens up for humanity, inspired by scientific imperatives versus impotent dreaming, has the potential to sweep all the lesser problems off the table, including nuclear war, terror, empire, economic collapse, and poisoned political environments.

This is so, because the Ice Age Dynamics present greater imperatives for humanity to rouse itself to its inherent potential, and to build itself a New World, than all the lesser issues have combined that have festered for decades with few breakthroughs made, and continued to do so all the way to the present.

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