Grand Solar Minimum Becomes the Ice Age

  Ice Age Science Illustrated by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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The effect of the weakening of the Sun is now so dramatic that one hears a lot of talk about another "Grand Solar Minimum" happening in the near future, such as the Maunder (grand) Minimum that gave us the Little Ice Age.


The concept of a coming "Grand Solar Minimum" is a deception, because the next Grand Solar Minimum will be the full Ice Age. The underlying support for the Sun no longer exists for a reversal back to 'normal' to be possible from any Grand Minimum. The rapid collapse of the interstellar plasma density for the Solar System, has diminished the background for the powering of the Sun past the point for a possible reversal back to normal. We see the collapse of the solar system by the weakening Sun, evident in the diminishing sunspot numbers, and solar-wind pressure, and in ever-greater volumes of cosmic-ray flux (measured by NASA's spacecraft Ulysses), and larger coronal holes.


The end-result of the weakening Sun promises to be worse than nuclear war, and be more certain if humanity fails to meet the Ice Age challenge by building itself a New World that will enable it to live securely and prosper in an otherwise largely uninhabitable world. If this challenge is taken up, a higher-level paradigm will develop for humanity by which today's terror, conflicts, wars, even nuclear war, and all the grand economic looting, imperial control, and depopulation policies will fall by the wayside as mistakes unworthy of humanity.


The widely expected next Grand Solar Minimum will not end with a recovery, but become the next Ice Age glaciation stage. At this point the Earth becomes a largely uninhabitable ‘Ice Planet’. Agriculture ends at this point, and humanity ends with it for the lack of food, unless a new world is created with protected agricultures by technological infrastructures that the Ice Age cannot touch. Here a great crisis is in the making, because the required infrastructures are not being built.


A crisis looms before us, because once the Ice Age glaciation starts, with the collapse of the primer fields for the Sun, it cannot reverse itself without a major build-up in the interstellar plasma stream that is needed for the primer fields to form anew. This build-up will take a long time to develop under the current galactic condition. This means that the recovery of the Sun will take about 90,000 years to happen, long past the anticipated "Grand Solar Minimum" that will become the Ice Age spanning the next 90,000 years.


This book explores numerous historic solar activity measurements. One takes us back in time 150,000 years. This long climate history is preserved in proxy form by Beryllium-10 production ratios that are measurable in the ice of Antarctica. Beryllium-10 is a radio-isotope that is exclusively produced by cosmic-ray flux affecting the Earth atmosphere. It has a half-life of 1.39 million years and is measurable contained in historic ice.

The historic Beryllium-10 measurements drawn from Antarctica reveal some amazing details about the last Ice Age and how it started, and how it may start anew in our time, to which we are already in the boundary zone, where we encounter increasing crop losses, nearly worldwide, that threaten our food supply in the near future.

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