Climate Change: Climate Collapse

  Ice Age Science Illustrated by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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The exploration addresses seven basic critical facts in truthful climate science


Fact 1          The Earth is in a terminal phase of global cooling.

Fact 2          Global Warming did happen, was caused by the Sun, and has ended in the 1990s.

Fact 3          The Manmade Global Warming doctrine was impelled by political reasons.

Fact 4          The science of the Sun and solar dynamics was intentionally perverted.

Fact 5          Atmospheric CO2 is at a 600-million-years low. The biosphere is starving.

Fact 6          Manmade carbon gases are no bigger than a mouse, vs the World Trade towers.

Fact 7          The political driver is a long train of latent philosophical errors, amplified in 1790.


These facts reflect the result of numerous types of scientific physical measurements - not just one or two, but many types of measurements - that all tell us the same story, which is essentially one single story, a story of measured facts.

Some of the measurements were conducted in space, some on the ground, some in the atmosphere, and some were also obtained with numerous types of visual observations. The book addresses seven of these measured, mostly self-evident, but often obscured, facts.

Because the subject of Climate Change has four major facets, each of a different type, I have divided the exploration book into an introduction and four segments, and presented each one as a differently focused exploration.


Introduction and 4 segments


Segment 1 - Swamp of Latent Errors

Segment 2 - Global Cooling is Real

Segment 3 - Carbon, Climate, and the Sun

Segment 4 - To Create a New World


 This book, like the original video series, is presented in honor and support of President Trump's considering, or launching, a Presidential Committee on Climate Science.

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