Christian Science Platform Structures
with Bible Lesson Topics

  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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67 pages (8.5x11")

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The book is focused on the three main Christian Science platform structures: "The Platform of Christian Science", the chapter "Recapitulation" as a platform, and the "Christian Science Bible Lesson Topics" which are also organized as a platform. The book interrelates the three platforms, and thereby adds major background references to the Lesson Topics.

I use the book as a reference book. Before reading a Bible Lesson, I find it useful to look up the topic in the index of the yellow book, and add the respective page number to the topic in the "Quarterly." Then, before I start the lesson, I go to the page where the respective elements are brought together for that topic.

I find the "Recapitulation" portion of the references especially useful. It describes to me, in Mary Baker Eddy's words, what the topic is all about. The chapter "Recapitulation" is the modern version of her Class Book when Mary Baker Eddy was beginning to teach Christian Science in a classroom setting.

Since the Bible Lessons are designed to uplift society to a higher level of perception, I have applied the "Recapitulation" platform, which is made up of 24 parts, to the 3 lower rows of the City Foursquare structure, item by item, line after line. This arrangement also gives the topic a higher-level target defined in the row above it in the "Platform of Christian Science." This higher-level target is also listed in full among the details for each topic.

Note: There are two ways possible to relate large platform structures to the City Foursquare structure. "The Platform of Christian Science" is provided by Mary Baker Eddy in 32 parts (2 parts for each element of the 16-element foursquare structure.) In previous explorations, I have grouped these large structures into groups of two, and applied the first group to the highest position of the 4th column, with the last group at the lowest position of the 1st column. Platform structures begin with the highest element, and then sequence backwards, row by row, to present what lies below. In the yellow book, I no longer group the large structure into groups of two. Instead, I apply them sequentially, line by line, across the four rows, progressing downwards. This arrangement provides more-profound interrelationships, both vertically and horizontally

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