Avoiding Population Collapse

  Ice Age Science Illustrated by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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We are the children of a long sequence of ice ages that are far from being over.


 In times between the glaciation periods, populations had expanded, and then collapsed again when the climate conditions became harsh during the glaciation stages.


We are near such a collapse situation in our time. Our World population has expanded explosively during the last 200 years of the present interglacial period. It had expanded from 1 billion in the year 1800, to the more than 7 billion that we have today. This wasn't the result of improved breeding habits.


It resulted from 3 factors coming together, which made this miracle possible. One factor was the dawn of science, which had its root in the development of classical culture. The second factor was the dawn of industrialization and technologies that together with science made improved agriculture possible that enabled evermore people to live. The third factor was the radical improvement of the climate that enabled scientific and technological progress to expand the base for human living almost without bounds.


The up-ramping in solar activity from the early 1700s onward gave us almost 300 years of amazing global warming.


The Little Ice Age if the 1600s had been a scene of population decline by starvation, even cannibalism in some cases to ward off starvation.  All this changed when the solar up-ramping began, with which the climate recovered and became warm again. Modern agriculture would not have been possible without the massive solar global warming that had occurred. Most people in the world would not be living if the sun-caused global warming hadn't happened. The vast majority of our food comes from agriculture. When agriculture thrives and expands, which is possible in warm climates, humanity thrives and expands with it.


But now that the solar global warming event is over and the global warming is fading, one of the fundamental supports for our living on this planet is fading with it. In fact, the global warming that rescued us from the Little Ice Age isn't just fading. It is collapsing, and agriculture is beginning to collapse with it. While the collapse is still in the early stages, large-scale crop losses have already been experienced.


Are we facing a large-scale population collapse then, as the result of the climate collapse? Are we facing inevitable massive crop failures in the years ahead? I would answer no.


The answer has to be no, because we have the scientific and technological potential developed to lift agriculture out of its dependence on climate conditions. If it wasn't for this potential, we would be seeing an enormous population collapse in the near future, such as we have never imagined. But, as I said, I don't see this happening. This is so, because we have the power toady to avoid the population collapse that follows collapsing agriculture as we know it, by simply relocating our agriculture into the tropics and into indoor facilities there.


This power, that we have on this scene, is not trivial, and it is real. It is amazing and grand, and worth celebrating. When this creative power is applied, the human scene unfolds into joy, and peace erupts along the way.

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