Antarctica Froze-up Warmer

  Ice Age Science Illustrated by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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Yes, the Earth was Radically Warmer when Antarctica froze up so long ago.


What does this mean? (A Special Exploration Project)


Antarctica froze up three quarters of the way of the climate collapse of the last 100 million years in Phanerozoic Climate history. Antarctica froze up roughly 32 million years ago when the Sun had cooled sufficiently for this to happen. Because the long-term climate collapse had unfolded in two overlaid cycles, Antarctica had thawed out again a few million years later as the Sun became warmer again for a period. After that, the Sun became colder again, so that Antarctica froze up once more and remained frozen thereafter, while the Sun continued to cool.


It would take another 10 million years, with the Sun getting still weaker and colder, for the Ice Age glaciation cycles to begin. We are presently 2 million years into the glaciation cycles, and have progressed far below the freeze-up level for Antarctica. We face no danger, therefore, from Antarctica melting and flooding the Earth. The Earth is too cold for that. However, we are in great danger of the Earth's cold, interglacial climate from collapsing further into glacial conditions. We are already seeing consequences of the weakening Sun, such as in the form of the weakened greenhouse effect of our atmosphere, with effects that are being measured even in Antarctica.


While all effects in climate change are blamed on manmade global warming, which isn't physically possible, the underlying cosmic cause for the climate change is being denied, such as the cause for the current climate cooling. We are in danger of our denial of this reality, because when the 'Sun' drops out of the interglacial level into glacial conditions, the step into glaciation will be big. The step will be as big as that of a person stepping off a cliff, which is never a gradual thing and has huge consequences. Ironically, no one is prepared for the consequences of the resulting glaciation climate. While we have all the resources on hand to build us a New World with technological infrastructures to evade the cosmic consequences, we find ourselves too small at heart to take the needed steps. This is where the real manmade danger lies.


       The Author


         Rolf A. F. Witzsche is a long-time author, researcher, and producer of more than a hundred videos. His published books comprise 14 novels, a 12 volume research series, and a large series of illustrated science books with images and transcripts of his exploration video productions. The illustrated science exploration in this book is a part of the illustrated science books series. His research and publication effort, exploring the Ice Age dynamics, as a science, began in the 1990s.

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 Analysis of weather station and satellite data, showing the continent-wide warming trend from 1957 through 2006.
by NASA -

Author: Eric J. Steig (University of Washington), David P. Schneider (National Center for Atmospheric Research), Scott D. Rutherford (Roger Williams University), Michael E. Mann (Pennsylvania State University), Josefino C. Comiso (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), and Drew T. Shindell (NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Columbia University)

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