Self-Love and the Golden Hijab
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - From the Sex and Sacrament Project



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Self-Love and the Golden Hijab

The book is a part of my Kaleidoscope Project, and of the Sex and Sacrament Project within it. The story is focused on sex in the context of the practice of self-isolation, which is often pursued for self-protection. Is the practice a trap? The story begins with a woman from Sweden who finds it sufficient just to be in love with herself? It may be simpler to live that way, but is this really sufficient? Is self-isolation bliss?

The Islamic Hijab, the head scarf that women are required to wear, ritualizes the process of self-isolation. But does it develop inner peace? Is isolation really the foundation for peace, social, spiritual, or political?

History suggests the opposite. When Europe was splintered in the 1600s, war ravished society, in which a third of the population perished. The dawning idea of truth and of universal humanity derailed this train to hell. Scientific development, with which our humanity unfolds, had set up a new stage for peace in 1648, that is not built on isolation, but on uplifting one another, on challenging one-another to let our humanity shine, even on braking down barriers that would keep our humanity small.

The Giza Pyramids in Egypt that may have been built at the end of the last Ice Age, speak of a humanity that was not small in its sight by any measure, but stood tall with amazing accomplishments in demonstrated scientific and creative powers. The magnitude of the accomplishment is so great, that we, in our modern, cultivated smallness, insist that the great structures could not have been built by human beings, but must have been constructed by advanced extraterrestrial beings. History seems to teach us that self-isolation makes a people small and impotent, not great and powerful.

The framework for the story presented in this book, is a fictional, international peace conference organized by the youth of the world, convened in Russia in a city on the Black Sea. The setup enables the drawing together of diverse perceptions, so that what is true may shine through the facades of the many accepted myths.

The story presented in this book is from my novel The Ice Age Challenge, - Book 2 of my epic series of novels The Lodging for the Rose. The series, The Lodging for the Rose - is published by Cygni Communications Ltd, BC, Canada.
Rolf A. F. Witzsche



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