Impotence and Power
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - From the Sex and Sacrament Project



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Impotence and Power

When the soul is starved or is free


“Impotence and Power” in society begins at the home gate. Both have many forms; sexual and social; of dreams becoming reality, or of failing to do so. Most individual experiences unfold between the two poles of impotence and power, and more often then not, the two poles are ‘colored’ with ‘the color of sex.’ The difference is not easy to sort out. Without a scientific recognition of the principles involved, positions are uncertain, fear fills the void. The problem with uncertainties is that friends and even professionals rarely stand on higher ground to be qualified to serve as guides. They offer advise, while they are explorers themselves. Consequently, the biggest strides are made individually alone at the leading edge, primarily by one’s honesty with oneself. That’s also where the biggest surprises are encountered.

The story presented here is a love story of a struggle under stress to follow the right path in a new landscape that no one has traveled before or had dared to do so. The story begins on a beach in North Carolina, then moves on to Pittsburgh and Washington DC, and from there to Russia on a ‘diplomatic’ mission. It is centred on love, marriage, and the dimension of sex standing in the background, intertwined with hopes and dreams. The intertwining of impotence and power even draws Woodstock Concert and the Vietnam War into the foreground in the end.

The major scene unfolds in Russia, during a fictional, international peace conference organized by the youth of the world, convened in a city on the Black Sea. The story itself is a composite of scenes that are threated through the novel, The Ice Age Challenge, Book 2 of my epic series of novels The Lodging for the Rose. The series The Lodging for the Rose - is published by Cygni Communications Ltd, BC., Canada.

The book presented here, Impotence and Power, is a part of my Kaleidoscope Project that presents individual stories separately, because their specific focus has become increasingly important in the world today, and for our future. Since the story is centered on sex and its barriers and hopes attached to it, the story is also qualified to be a part of the Sex and Sacrament Project, within the Kaleidoscope. For more details on the latter, see the Postscript, About the Sex and Sacrament Project.



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