Goodness of Living
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - From the Sex and Sacrament Project



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Goodness of Living

The story in the book comprises the first half of my novel, Glass Barriers. The story is fiction, though it shouldn’t be. It takes a theoretical principle, tests it, and builds on it. The theoretical principle is simple. It rests on the fact that we are all human beings of a single universal humanity. By virtue of this fact, we are more closely ‘married’ to one-another than by the lesser bonds that priests and civil institutions sanctify. The universal form of our natural union is richer, because our loving in Love cherishes an attribute of who and what we are as human beings. That’s bigger than the personal achievements that we pursue in our isolated little living and loving. It also raises sex to a higher level as an element of the goodness of life itself, and our being alive.

The bulk of the story is staged in India, a land with a history of superimposed deep divisions by caste and sex, marriage and politics, but with an ancient core of universal love that still lingers. This core is still there, because it is not artificial. It can stand as a light when times of darkness in inhumanity become so black that it appears to be too painful to keep on living, and suicide offers a golden promise of peace. But with a spark of love from a higher-level perception, the fading light has the potential to become a fire again, a fire of life that out-shines all the darkness. This is the story of Indira in India, -- a type of resurrection story and far beyond just that, -- sex unfolds here as a part of the goodness of being alive.

The story in this book, Goodness of Living, comprises the first half of my novel, Glass Barriers, of the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose. The novel extends into exotic realms throughout. The first part of the novel, however, is a gem in itself with an added exotic ‘inner’ exploration of a beautiful soul. For this exploration nearly the entire story presented in this book is staged as a dialog between just two people, Indira and an American diplomat.

One last word. Before you embark on the ‘journey’ of exploration, you may find the postscript, About the Sex and Sacrament Project, worthwhile to consider.
Rolf A. F. Witzsche



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