Gem of the Universe
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - From the Sex and Sacrament Project



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Gem of the Universe

The story presented here is science fiction of a space journey with freedom to move, to love, to choose, to live.

Imagine, traveling in an instant to wherever you want to be! The universe is your playground. Thought becomes expression. This expression also has a sexual dimension.

Our universe, is a marvellous place with boundless potentials. But what is greater, the gigantic universe of infinite space, or its most precious gem, the human being?

While we may never be able to travel physically, in an instant, to wherever we want to be, we should have this potential mentally where no inherent mass-inertia applies to resist the unfolding in thought of profound scientific ideas, ideas of truth. This yet-to-be discovered potential opens up exciting possibilities, and vistas of our humanity.

It is easy to explore the grand dimensions in fiction, especially in comparison with the largely empty space, whereby the human being stands out amazingly ‘tall’ and precious; a gem with a sparkle that nothing in the raw universe can match in beauty and grandeur.

In the story, the metaphor of zero-distance space flight is spiritually reflected in a multiply intertwined love affair with ever-expanding dimensions and brilliance, which stand in stark contrast, even in the story, not only with the vast emptiness of space, but also with the dark emptiness of a dying civilization that has sadly failed itself and become fascist.

While in the story, sex plays a role in different ways, it stands increasingly in metaphor for our ‘third’ sex, the spiritual dimension of our humanity that truly defines us as human beings, and renders us as grander than all the marvels in the heavens.

The story, Gem of the Universe, is a science fiction love story from my novel, Flight without Limits, written in the 1980s to explore mankind's innate capacity to overcome perceived 'impossible' barriers. Hopefully, you may find that as you ‘return,’ you discover that you have left some of the old limits behind. However, before you embark on the ‘journey,’ you may find the postscript, About the Sex and Sacrament Project, which this book is a part of, worthwhile to consider.
Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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