Erica's Flower Garden
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - From the Sex and Sacrament Project



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Erica's Flower Garden

Is it possible for a gardener to embrace but one single flower in a vast garden and close the eyes to all the surrounding profusion of life?

It has been said that space is the final frontier. I like to disagree. I propose that the final frontier is the Principle of Universal Love. We have reached into space. We have achieved what no other form of life that we know of has accomplished; to leave the Earth and return to it. Nevertheless, we still hate and steal from each other and make wars and kill human beings in countless different ways. We can reach to the distant planets while we have not yet discovered the art to reach across a table heart to heart, securely and generously. This frontier still lies open to be discovered. Its dimension promises to be infinitely more beautiful than what we find in the emptiness of space. While space exploration is critical for our continued existence on the Earth in the near future, the discoveries that are being made remain largely blocked by the still lacking development in the ‘spiritual’ or ‘inner space’ where our relationship with one-another as human beings unfolds.

The precious love story, Erica's Flower Garden, is also a sex story, a story of barriers that are protected, that render the world small, while the heart reaches for freedom.

The story, Erica’s Flower Garden, is a selected story from my series of 12 novels, The Lodging for the Rose.

The combination of Sex and Sacrament in the theme was chosen as a daring project to gently highlight the fact that in spite of the wide scene of division and isolation of numerous types in the human ‘landscape,’ we remain fundamentally what we have always been, a people of a common humanity that we all share as human beings.

The focus on Sex has been chosen for it being one of the longest enduring aspects of our humanity that has a uniting and equalizing quality that transcends all the little artificial things we place in our way and fight wars for, religiously, politically, militarily, socially, and even in the sciences.

The term Sacrament was chosen in combination with sex, for its uniting and celebratory meaning to bring the divine quality of humanity into focus as a single universal whole that is largely defined by spiritual qualities.

The book presented here, Erica’s Flower Garden, is an element of the Sex and Sacrament project and carries an exploration for the ongoing healing that also includes the healing of science. Like sex and beauty, science is a spiritual aspect of our humanity that comes to light with a profound quality that is wide in scope, but often becomes lost when truth becomes privatized and imprisoned into the box of narrow-minded doctrines where truthfulness becomes less and less a factor and faith in politically defined truth effectively closes the door evermore to the scene of evidence that is disallowed by the rule of doctrines. Thus, the story of Erica’s flower garden becomes a much wider story when seen as a metaphor.

The story, Erica’s Flower Garden, is a story of several chapters from Book 1 (Discovering Love) of my series of 12 novels, The Lodging for the Rose. The story that is told, is situated in Leipzig, Germany, near the end of the Communist era, though it could be situated anywhere and in any modern time frame

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