Anton of Grace
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - From the Sex and Sacrament Project



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 Fiction / Contemporary Women

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Anton of Grace

The book presents a love story. An aspiring love with Antonovna (Anton for short) erupts with an amazing ease, but becomes blocked by the overlaying brutality of politics, rape in the past, and the simple-minded enthusiastic honesty of a man who hadn’t grown up enough to the challenge of being truly honest with himself about the sharing and uplifting dimensions of loving, especially with sexual sharing on the horizon. The result becomes a great love story for reasons that love itself eventually becomes a light that grows brighter by its own dynamics and thereby keeps the door open to the potential fulfillment in future times, of the unrealized dreams for which the foundation had not yet been built as the story ends.

The world is facing many such challenging, momentous ‘sea’ changes in the political world that society set its hopes on with barely a glimpse of the principle of universal love standing in the background, so that failures result, often compounded. There too, we find that in our small-minded enthusiasm we have foolishly built on sand so that nothing really works as the result of it. But should we not have built at all?

Honest sparks of love keep us going in both arenas, often unrequited, but they remain love nevertheless. With them a gentle constancy unfolds amidst the tides of the ever-changing ‘seas.’

In time, in the love story, the initial spark becomes a light, a single light that offers hope that one patiently labors on with. And labor we must, in order to discover what is worth holding on to. Nothing spares us this work. At the portal to the land of universal love we are alone. We are pioneers there. No tourist information booth is ever found on the path into a new world that offers maps with shortcuts. Nothing is given for free. All must be won. However, this makes the journey more precious in the end, even as we stumble and fall and pick ourselves up, again and again. Surprisingly, with the struggling, our world does become brighter as we find a greater brightness within.

The story presented in this book is a major part of the novel "Seascapes and Sand," which is itself a part of my series of novels, "The Lodging for the Rose" Book 5 (Episode 4a) - published by Cygni Communications Ltd. North Vancouver, BC, Canada.


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