Ice Age of the dimming Sun in 30 years: Part 7 -  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Ice Age of the dimming Sun in 30 years

Part 7 -
Orbit dynamics of the planets


In the electric solar system that the Sun's Primer Fields are a part of, the resulting vast electromagnetic system that powers the Sun, effectively orders and maintains the orbits of the planets, and also their axial spinning. 

That the spinning is externally powered is evident in phenomena on Earth that move with the Earth's rotation, but faster, like the atmospheric jet streams, and also the ocean currents' global recycle system that recycles a portion of the atmospheric CO2. 

With the recycle times ranging from 350 years to over 1000 years, the modern increase in CO2 reflects high concentrations of CO2 being recycled from the Little Ice Age and from earlier cold periods. 

In addition the video notes Prof. Zbigniew Jaworowski's discovery that the actual historic CO2 increase is far less than the CO2 hockey-stick curve in ice cores indicates, for reasons that much CO2 is lost by the evaporation of dissolved CO2 during the compaction of snow into ice. With these two factors, the foundation is invalidated that the massive Manmade Global Warming Climate Scare is built on.


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re. Prof. Zbigniew Jaworowski

As a sideline, the video also notes the point that Prof. Zbigniew Jaworowski raises in a letter to the U.S. Senate (2004) where he states from years of personal observation that a large portion of CO2 is lost in the ice compaction process with water-vapor evaporation, so that the CO2 hockey-stick curve gleamed from the ice core data is invalid. He cites that in comparing CO2 found in fossils from a few thousand years ago, with the modern atmospheric concentration, the difference is slight, rather than being enormous as the ice core data indicates. Evidently the slight difference is the recycled effect of historic CO2 from earlier cold periods, and also the reduced CO2 solvency in the oceans in the modern warm period. The combination of these effects clearly invalidates the foundation that the massively tragic CO2-carbon-gas Manmade Global Warming Scare campaign is based on.
See: Climate Change: Incorrect information on pre-industrial CO2 
Further, multiple pages with illustrations by Prof. Zbigniew Jaworowski
Article, CO2: the Greatest Scientific Scandal of our Time - Download PDF 


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