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Dialogs for an Active Peace


Peace is NOT defined as the absence of war.
  It would be passive, like the peace of the grave! 

Peace has no meaning without a human voice to be heard.  Peace is a quality; a quality that needs to be active and be actively expressed on a platform of joy, love, sublimity.  On this platform civilization stands secure. On a lesser platform humanity is doomed. The present platform is even less than that, a platform of perpetual war.

The path to achieving peace is not a simplistic one. It has so many elements that the attempt to explore it in the dialogs of a novel, became a complex work of twelve novels with a single story, which I named the Lodging for the Rose. With the New Ice Age fast approaching, against the background of war and economic collapse becoming evermore devastating, the platform for active peace on all fronts comes light as a critical requirement for the continued existence of civilization and much of humanity with it.

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This video presents the 12 novels, The Lodging for the Rose,  with Dialogs for Peace.


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