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Milky Way gamma ray bubbles - NASA Goddard Space Center


My original flagship (full-length) video, - Ice Age Precursors Movie -  is intended to break the 'ice' in general perception that the next ice age glaciation cycle is still thousands of years distant, while electro-astrophysics presents evidence that we live in an electric universe where electro-dynamic conditions can change rapidly, and with them the climate on earth that is electrically determined instead of mechanistically. The discoveries in electro-astrophysics, supported by overwhelming evidence, have the potential to be the most liberating force for the protection and advance of civilization on today's many fronts of crisis.

The key to the breakout in understanding is the dawning awareness of the Electric Sun reality, standing in contrast to the now fading fusion-powered-sun hypothesis where the Sun is deemed an invariable constant. 

This single key, which is inherent in electro-astrophysics, breaks the basis on which the manmade global warming doctrine is founded, where the Sun is assumed to be an invariable constant that opens the door to pinning the blame on humanity for all climate changes. 

The same key - rooted in the electric nature of the universe - that renders the Sun as a highly variable electric energy converter, breaks the dream of the interglacial holiday lasting without end that gives the Earth its present congenial warm climate. False assumptions lead to tragedy. It is tragically foolish to assume that the ice age cycles are determined by extremely-long-term mechanistic cycles rather than by the 'quickly' changing pattern in electric dynamics.

For this reason my videos that are primarily focused on electro-astrophysics are divided into two groups: The Ice Age group, and the Global Warming group, with two higher-level related groups added: The Spiritual Group and the Divine Group. 

Please Note: All of the exploration videos on this site have an image by image transcript associated with them and high-resolution graphics that pertain to the text.

The Ice Age Group

 My flagship video, - Ice Age Precursors Movie - it is over two hours long. It is also available divided into 6 parts. (Click title for transcripts) 

Part 1 serves as an introduction to the Pleistocene.
Part 2 focuses on what affects our climate, including the cosmic influence.
Part 3 focuses on the electro-astrophysics affecting the
Part 4 focuses on consequences affecting the food supply
Part 5 Focuses on the global warming scam and the science protest movement
Part 6 Focuses on building an ice age renaissance and the tools we have for 'seeing' the ongoing electric progression.

The video closes with an Italian concert audience singing the chorus of the slaves yearning for freedom, "Fly, thought, on golden wings..." right in the middle of the performance of Verdi's opera, Nabucco (Nebuchadnezzar).

The two part series: What is happening now?

Part 1: Science Decapitated while the Ice Age Transition has begun

Science is not exempt from the pain when truth needs to be buried for objectives that maintain systems of empire that cannot stand in the light of truth and a developing humanity.

Part 2: The 'New Ice Age Now' science 

Science is also challenged by small-minded perceptions that render advanced discoveries too incredible to be believable even if the physical evidence supports the discoveries.

The two part series: Ice Age Breakout,  part 1

The video explores the needed path from imperial cultural entrapment to humanity's freedom - the critical breakout from the Global Warming Delusion to the Ice Age Climate Change Reality

The two part series: Ice Age Breakout,  part 2

This part deals with the breakout of society from the disabling mental effect of the numerous terror trains.

The Global Warming Group

These videos deal with the struggle humanity is facing when it aims to solve the manmade global warming crisis on the same level on which the crisis is created. The entire arena of struggles, burdens, and impositions simply becomes irrelevant when the Electric Universe becomes accepted as demonstrable reality in which a sun is not a nuclear fusion furnace expressed as an invariable constant, but is a catalytic energy converter that glows with cosmic electric energy corresponding to the prevailing input energy density.

In the world of electric cosmology the density of the galactic energy streams determine the climate on earth, exclusively and powerfully, against which human actions, no matter what we do, affect absolutely nothing. Thus all the pains and economic and social destruction associated with Global Warming doctrine are for naught. They are self-imposed, erroneously. The science of electro-astrophysics takes the human-cause factor completely out of the climate dynamics. Without the science of electro-astrophysics the global warming dogma becomes a convoluted trap without hope and demonstrable solutions that traps the mind into infantile reactions. The videos below are designed to illustrate the nature of this trap.

The Global Warming Doctrine

* The Deception 
* Terror against our children 
* Beyond Terror, War 
* Becoming Free of It 
* Science Opposition

Man-made Global Warming IMPOSSIBLE

Mass Murder with Biofuels 

The Spiritual Group

This group has four main elements that deal with the universal consequences when the liberating power of science, which is the foundation for civilization and ever will be that, is being ignored, suppressed, or lost in the background of cultivated ignorance.

The main part of the videos in this group is centered on the German astronomer Johannes Kepler, the founder of modern science in astrophysics. He liberated astronomy from the epicycles and fudge factors that had imprisoned astronomy from Ptolemy, up to and including Copernicus. His breakthrough in science also coincides with a majestic political breakthrough, the Treaty of Westphalia of 1648 that ended the Thirty Years War and still stands as the foundation for modern civilization. When truth that stands tall in science is lost, society is losing ground and civilization is in danger of becoming lost.

* The Science Revolution
* Sovereignty versus Nuclear War
* Mutually Assured Suicide
* Arresting the Infinite Crime

The Divine Group

Humanity's perception of the divinity of its humanity appears to have no astrophysical connection, much less an electro-astrophysical connection. However, such a connection appears to exist.

Wall Thornhill speaking on "Coast to Coast" November 26, 2007, suggested that the vast sea of sand that covers the Sahara Desert may have been deposited by a highly charged comet colliding with the earth's atmosphere where it was fractured into sand in an electric discharge explosion. See: The Sahara Desert

It is highly possible that the advanced scientific culture that had built the Giza pyramids may have become largely extinct by the cataclysm, and that some of the remnant may have migrated away, some to India, some across Africa. It is also possible that millennia later Christ Jesus might have traveled into these areas in his early times and come into contact with religious monasteries that had perpetuated some of the old knowledge from long before the age of the patriarchs. If this was the case the knowledge that he collected would also have included strong scientific components together with the spiritual components. On this basis all the religions of the world would have similar roots and similar features - a combination of science and theology.

Evidence exists for this potential. In the last pages of the Bible, the book of Revelation, we are told of a "city foursquare" descending from God to humanity, which in geometric terms is a 16-element 4 by 4 square structure or matrix of concepts. The Christian "Lord's Prayer" comes to light as a structure that fits this geometry. We see the same foursquare geometry extensively also reflected in the design of the Taj Mahal in India as a Hindu temple. It is also reflected in all of the works produced by the scientific spiritual pioneer of America, Mary Baker Eddy.

I created three videos for this group that combine the Christian spiritual dimension with the scientific dimension that takes us back to the builders of the pyramids and beyond. 

Science of the Lord's Prayer

Christ and Christmas  

Marriage on the Infinite Plain  

Related Articles

Each of the four groups have corresponding articles attached to them, such as the summary article that to some degree spans the entire field:

Acknowledging the Electric Universe Pivots on Love

The newer articles are listed on the home page.

The astrophysics articles are listed on the Science Driver page: 

General articles are listed on the page:
Ice Age and Climate Science Articles and Explorations


The books section contains my 14 novels (full text online for free, including audio versions). It also features more than a dozen research books focusing on the spiritual nature of civilization (free pdf versions online). See the 

There are three types of novels presented on the books index page.

1. A science fiction novel: Flight Without Limits It stands in metaphor for our ability in the mental realm, such as in science, to 'move' great distances instantly.

2. A series is 12 novels (The Lodging for the Rose), exploring the principle of universal love in a challenging manner. A single story threads through them all, though each volume is complete in itself. 

Winning Without Victory is a sample of the middle of the stream, and encompasses a wide range of challenges that confront our modern world.

3. The most relevant of the novels (unfortunately): Brighter than the Sun, deals with the physical dimension of nuclear war that no form of scientific exploration can even remotely present aright, that can only be attempted in an extreme minimalist fashion. 

I used a poem that I had written some time ago, in a video that ties all of the 14 novels together into one. The title of the video is: Fantasia in Poetry and Prose


This final category presents a series of 30 videos under the title Dialogs for Civilization. The dialogs are presenting selected chapters from my novels in video form. The narration is always accompanied in the background with unrelated nature photography. While the form of the videos is uniform, the topics are widely diverse. The samples presented below are not intended to cover the entire range, but are merely samples.

Shadows that are Light It is a dream story about a thing that nobody could actually see, but which was beheld by everyone as it made the world brighter.    Script 
Horse Sense Economics The philosophy of wealth; market manipulation; financial derivatives games; looting by dishonesty; the legalization of fraud; insanity and collapse.   Script


Rivers of Life A dream story of a land of four rivers that may be deemed the rivers of our life with gate keepers along the way.   Script 


A Girl Named Lianhua Unspoiled by the world, she lives in her own spirit and is still unfolding forevermore.   Script


The current world stage

On the current world stage civilization is collapsing. After $50 trillion having been donated in numerous bailout schemes to pay off the gambling debts of the banking system that has become a grand casino, the economies are more rapidly dying than ever before. Historically, in such situations the masters of the world-empire have reached for the button of war. In the current deep collapse crisis this means nuclear war. 

The depopulation ideology that was invented in the 1790s, nested deep within the heart of the system of empire - with the goal to reduce the world population from 7 billion to 1 billion - stands like an invisible force behind the relentless drive to ever greater forms of insanity. Worldwide networks of patriots of humanity are standing committed to reversing the ongoing trek to hell, with immense efforts in politics, science, spirituality, and to raise the self-perception of humanity as the most precious manifest of life on our planet, even the image of God as the most advanced religions define the human species. 

The principle of science plays a vital role in everyone of these arenas where major breakthroughs are required as an existential challenge in protecting and advancing humanity, with which to establish a basis for ultimately meeting the astrophysical ice age challenge that is already upon us.

The following articles are representative of this type of effort.

Restoring the Glass Steagall law

Stemming the Collapse of Civilization from Hitler, to Bush, to Obama, to Zero

The Lateral Lattice of Love

Healing the House of Empty Hands

The Value of God


Overwhelming Electric-Universe Evidence Everywhere

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