New Ice Age instead of Global Warming Ahead 

Overwhelming Electric-Universe Evidence Everywhere

In the cosmic universe everything is interconnected. 

Nothing exists in isolation or outside of it. The universe is a singular whole. The electromagnetic force is its binding force. The evidence, that the Earth and the Sun exist in an electric universe, comes to light on so many layers that its is consistency is overwhelming in the face of previously held assumptions and theories still clung to be concensus. 

The evidence for electro-astrophysics so strong and found in so many places that the long-held theory of a deemed gravity-only universe, and the resulting fusion-powered sun hypothesis, appear as utterly contrived, like badly written stories in black-ops fantasy novels. It is time to accept the observable evidence as real, rather than to accept fantastic theories that are designed to explain the evidence away or twist it into knots. By accepting the evidence, the old theories are fading.

For example, the Sun is too round to support the old theories. The observed Sun lacks the expected equatorial bulge that it should have according to the known laws of centrifugal-gravitational dynamics. The Sun lacks this feature, because its visible shape is determined by external plasma pressures and electromagnetic forces bearing onto it uniformly that have a greater influence on its shape than the mere mechanistic forces. (see: Thunderbolts Project March 7, 2013) And this paradox in the face of the old theories is only the beginning of many features of the Sun that are totally impossible to understand outside the domain of electro-astrophysics.

For example, how it is possible in a gravitational model for the Sun to rotate faster at the equator (25 days/rev) than at the poles (34 days/rev)? This faster rotation only possible if the rotation of the Sun is actively powered by an electromagnetic force that interacts more strongly at the equator. This happens to be the region where the heliospheric current sheet interacts with the Sun.

That the sun is not a fusion furnace, powered from within, is also evident in the two bands of high-powered activity that encircle the Sun. This same type of feature is also evident on earth in the form of two 'equatorial' electro-jets that encircle the Earth. These two strikingly similar features reflect a common principle.

The high-powered bands in the Sun, shown above, vary with the 11-year sunspot cycles, and so does the neutrino flux vary that the Sun emits, as this should be the case when the neutrino flux is the result of nuclear surface reactions. In fact, the intensity of the Sun itself, when observed over the 11-year cycle in the EUV band, varies by a factor of 20.

This evidence all by itself defies the fusion-sun theory. In fact, the 11-year solar cycle itself cannot be explained by the fusion model. Even the photon travel time from the Sun's deemed fusion center to the surface, is deemed to be in range between 10,000 and 170,000 years, while the assumed energy-transfer time itself, from the center of the sun to the surface, is deemed to be on the order of 30 million years. (see wikipedia) This assumed invariable constancy that is inherent in such a model defies the observable evidence. The evidence thereby renders the fusion-sun theory a fundamental mistake

The 11-year solar cycle simply doesn't fit the theory of the assumed solar fusion dynamics. However, in electro-astrophysics, the 11-year solar cycle is not an enigma at all. It is simply an electric resonance cycle that is characteristic for the size of the solar heliosphere that surrounds the solar system that the Sun is a part of.

The surface of the Sun, where the energetic electric interaction takes place - where the Sun's luminance originates - is self-evidently a vast sea of electric currents flowing in a vast tangle of current streams that have been photographed in countless different ways. The observed evidence totally contradicts the heat convection model of the fusion sun theory.

In areas where the photosphere is ruptured, the hole that results reveals a darker sun below the surface. The visible evidence presents the very opposite of what one would expect to see for an internally energized sun.

Everything that is observed at the surface of the Sun reveals the typical features of electric currents flowing covered with a surface layer of anode tufts. 

The major visible features are often said to be magnetic in nature, while nothing ever said about the simple fact that without electric currents flowing no magnetic phenomenon of any type exists anywhere in the universe. This simply means that all the solar surface futures such as loops and prominences, are high-powered electric phenomena. Their shapes are in fact typical for high-powered electric phenomena.

If one considers the enormous scale of the electric reactions on the Sun, and their variance that is affected by external factors, it is self-evident that the resulting variations cause the big climate variations we observe on Earth. With the Sun being the primary energy resource for our planet, its variations are bound to have correspondingly large effects on our climate and on the solar system as a whole. This means that all climate changes on earth, without exceptions, are directly the result of fluctuations in the electric plasma environment that powers our sun and affects its actions and effects.

Solving the Global Warming crisis.

The entire doctrine of manmade global warming, or manmade climate change with all its imagined consequences and required sacrifices, is a tragic mistake at best, or a destructive political project by intention. But whatever it is, there is no truth to it. The tragedy, whatever its origin or purpose may be, is entirely built on the premise that the Sun is an invariable constant, so that all the climate variations are blamed, or can be blamed, on human activity. In real terms, human activity has no effect on the global climate. It would be wonderful if we had this capability. We could use it to prevent the next Ice Age. We are presently far from having this capability. The global climate is exclusively determined by electro-astrophysical factors which affect the Sun, which in turn affects us. The Sun is NOT an invariable constant. This is a known fact. Not even the 11-year solar cycles are a constant factor. Their intensity varies. When cycles were so weak that the sunspots disappeared in the 1600s, the Earth experienced a little Ice Age. The connection is undeniable.

With the 11-year solar cycles being electric resonance cycles in the heliosphere, the intensity of the cycles is naturally varied by whatever external influences affect the solar heliosphere as a whole. These effects cause global warming, and global cooling. The world has had immensely warmer climates than today during the interglacial optimum period roughly 7000 years ago, and so on. The climate on the Earth has been forever changing, with or without humanity's presence or activity. Human activity is too minuscule to have any effect on the climate, and the carbon dioxide that our our activity contributes to has no significant effect either. 

The carbon dioxide effect on the greenhouse dynamics of the Earth, which human activity has indeed increased by a few percent, amounts to only one ten-millions of the greenhouse dynamics (see: Manmade Global Warming Impossible). 

The bottom line is that the horrific damage and immense suffering and genocide that is imposed on humanity under the global warming doctrine, was imposed without a real physical imperative for it, and was likely imposed with political intentions for the effect such a doctrine invariably has on humanity - such as the damaging effect of a swindle. 

The biofuels hoax that was added to the swindle under the global warming dogma is demanding that enormous amounts of food are being burned. The amount of food that is now being burned as biofuels could nourish 200 million people if the food was allowed to be eaten. The people whose food is thereby being burned are effectively committed to death by the process (see: Mass Murder with Biofuels). 

In short we are literally destroying our humanity by allowing this tragedy to go on. We are destroying our civilization with it, an all this in the name of a swindle. 

Indeed, the global warming doctrine is a swindle. It is so full of holes that it could no be anything else. The facts are known that manmade global warming is simply not possible, and the principles are also known, of the electro-astrophysical forces that shape our climate. The bottom line is, that the cause for climate change is electro-astrophysical on every count. Humanity is destroying its house for nothing, by sacrificing its living to prevent climate change that nothing in our world can hinder or advance. The science of electro-astrophysics holds the key to ending this horrendous human tragedy.

Ending the energy crisis

The science of electro-astrophysics also holds the key to ending the global energy crisis.

The same cosmic electric energy that powers the Sun is available on earth to meet humanity's energy needs. Our interface to it is the ionosphere where large electric currents exist and have been 'photographed.' These enormous electric energy streams are freely available to be utilized, and according to the evidence that we see, these electric energy streams are enormously powerful.

In the natural world the cosmic energy streams power all the tornadoes and hurricanes and lightning phenomena. In comparing the energies required for these gigantic events the human energy needs are rather puny. Also, the cosmic electric system is inherently anti-entropic. It doesn't run our of energy, but flows more strongly the more it is utilized.

The science of electro-astrophysics lays before humanity a powerful and inexhaustible electric energy resource that stands ready to be tapped into. Of course, this universally available free resource is 'intensively' hidden as its utilization would wreck the empires that own the worlds conventional energy resources that they exploit to the hilt as a profit grinder to loot society with. But sooner or later the inhibiting barriers will fall by the wayside and a new renaissance will unfold.

The facts involved are basic facts of electro-astrophysics that cannot remain forever hidden. This by itself makes electro-astrophysics the most powerfully liberating force in the world when it becomes acknowledged. And why shouldn't it be acknowledged since a universe filled with evidence stands in support of it. Nor does its effect end here.

Protecting humanity from the coming Ice Age

The evidence that we see suggests that the overall solar output was dramatically lower during the deep glaciation periods of the ice ages. The evidence suggests that the Sun that we currently see is an anomaly, and that the cooler sun that we see below the surface may reflect the long-term face of the Sun, its normal face during the ice ages. Nothing less can explain the enormous cooling that lays up so much ice across the continents that the ocean level drop 400 feet. And with the anomaly that we see today being electrically powered, it becomes evident that its face can change rapidly with the changing electric density that is powering the Sun.

Electro-astrophysics becomes enormously important in this respect, because it lets us discern the changing electric conditions in the solar system before the big effects unfold. We need years of warning to relocate the northern agriculture out of the affected regions before they become disabled by the glaciation transition. If we fail on this count much of humanity is committed to death by starvation. Since this transition is already in the beginning stage, the time for action is now. Electro-astrophysics demands us to act, since the long transition periods spanning thousands of years as the result of mechanistic cycles are simply fairy tales, like the Milankovitch cycles of orbital variations and tilt variations. 

We don't live in a mechanistic universe. From a mechanistic standpoint, orbital variations spanning tens of thousands of years, even with them interacting in the worst-case manner, can have no affect on the total solar energy received, but can only cause hemispheric and seasonal variations that cannot be deemed long-term ice age factors. There is simply no physical factor possible that can massively alter the climate on earth worldwide, other than electro-astrophysical variances.

Ultimately, we wouldn't exists without the electro-astrophysical factors. The planets would have been all drawn into the Sun. .All the planets in the solar system orbit at only 71% of escape velocity, which is too slow for the orbits to be maintained against the pull of gravity. The fact that the orbits are maintained points to electromagnetic forces playing a role in ordering and maintaining the solar system, including the ecliptic plain of the orbits that is organized along the 'plain' of the heliospheric electric current sheet. (see: Electric Astrophysics)

Our galaxy itself, that we are a part of, wouldn't exist without the electromagnetic forces that have created it and organized its structure. It is sheer fantasy to assume that the stars in a galaxy, which are known to be in motion, are bound into an orbit around the center of the galaxy. 

Johannes Kepler demonstrated as far back as the 1600s that no principles exist to support the dream-world of orbiting stars. The laws of orbital motions that Kepler discovered cannot be expressed on the galactic scale due to the diminishing of the force of gravity with the square of the distance. Exotic theories are invented, such as black holes and dark matter to make the dream of a gravity-only universe plausible. And even this doesn't work. 

The observed motion of stars simply do not match the required pattern, but they do accord with the universally observed pattern of electromagnetically motivated plasma flows. Galaxies are electrically organized structures. Any other concept is the outcome of mental blindness to the observable facts - or pure illusion.

Unfortunately, illusions tend to lead to tragic errors in social, ideological, and economic policies.

The physical climate changes that we are seeing more and more of, such as increased cosmic-ray flux density and resulting climate effects are deemed to be the result of a galactic crisis instead of the natural consequences of changing electro-astrophysical conditions of the current ice age transition. Without a growing awareness of the principles that are expressed in changing electro-astrophysical condition, the preparations for the coming ice age transition will not be made. However, we cannot avoid the unimaginable consequences resulting from this single failure in scientific perception. This means that humanity should open its eyes and act wisely. Ice age cycles are electric cycles, reflecting electric conditions (See Ice Age Precursors).

A new frontier for understanding the universe

Gravity plays a vital role as an element in the electric universe. It is highly likely that the force of gravity, in the 'intimate' spaces of the solar system, is a secondary force of attraction that attracts protons and electrons by their mass to each other, whereby the plasma density is created that enables charge separation and the sun to become a positively charged electric fireball. It is highly likely that without the services of gravity not a single sun would exist, nor the universe itself would exist. Gravity and mass therefore come to light as forces of intention, with the intention being for the universe to exist.

To date no basic physical cause has been discovered for the principle of gravity, mass, and the electromagnetic forces. While theories abound that are as exotic as the black holes, such as the Higgs boson, it will likely realized some day that basic force is the force of intention for the universe to exist. The universe would not exist without the electric force and its interaction in the small with the force of gravity.

We cannot get away from the fact that everything in the universe is electrically organized and expressed with the 'services' of vast arrays of harmonizing principles of which the electromagnetic principle is the most powerful and far-reaching. Not an atom would exist without the principles of the electric forces that govern the interactions of electrons and protons with which the atoms are created and maintained. While stronger forces do exist that form the protons and electrons in the first place, these forces are extremely limited in their reach.

 And beyond the atomic level, created by the electrons and protons and their principles, every molecule or every star and planet in the universe, and every form of life, is made up of structures that are enabled by electric principles that forge the near-infinite types of molecular bonds that are possible and do exist. And beyond that, every aspect of life that we know of, expressed in biological cells and so on, involves complex forms of electric ordering and communication between the cells. Wherever we look, electric principles are expressed in vast arrays of harmonizing interactions that altogether serve a single purpose, a single intelligent intention, which is for the universe to exist. 

The electric force evidently serves this purpose in a powerful and universal manner, from the smallest speck to infinity. Without the electric force and its principles that create an atom the universe simply would not exist. It is illogical to assume that the expression of electric principles doesn't apply also on the infinite scale. It unfolds as the life-blood that ties the universe together into a single, anti-entropic, universally powered, dynamic whole.

All galaxies and clusters of galaxies come to light us universally interconnected into string-like formations that form chains of galaxies within the plasma-electric current streams.

In like manner does the structure of civilization exist as a construct of harmonizing interlinked principles. 

A new platform for understanding ourselves

Civilization may be seen as a vast lateral lattice of a humanity bound to each other by the force of strands of love in a principle of universal love that is expressed for the general welfare of the whole. 

Bound to each other in this lattice of universal love civilization is rich and humanity secure. But if the binding principle is deemed to have no value, civilization disintegrates into poverty, war, slavery, depopulation, genocide, and extinction of humanity itself. We are standing presently near this cliff to oblivion. The world-financial and economic system is globally disintegrating into hyperinflation and physical collapse. On the political front the focus is on killing, war, and depopulation from 7 billion people down to 1 billion, with the burning of food already in progress towards this end, and so on. 

On the strategic front thermonuclear war is on the horizon. American missiles are stationed 5 minutes flight-time from Moscow. America's submarines are filled to the brim with the destructive force of 100,000 Hiroshima explosions, which the physical environment that we require to live, and to grow food in, cannot survive. Thus, with its uniting force denied, the force of universal love being trashed as a joke, humanity is on the fast track to self-extinction.

That is where we stand today. Electro-astrophysics gives us a glimpse of the nature of the design of the universe. It unfolds infinite aspects of interconnected harmonizing principles that the design of humanity stands not apart from, but is a part of. Thus, electro-astrophysics can teach us valuable lessons about ourselves, our economies, our civilization, and our pinnacle-role in the universe by the creative and productive power that we are capable of, which the biosphere increasingly requires for its own existence. 

The Earth's atmosphere is presently severely CO2 deficient, which in the coming Ice Age may drop below the level for plant-life to be maintained. With our technological capability this deficiency can be easily overcome, which makes us an inherent part of the ongoing progression of life on our planet, and ultimately beyond it. 

The defence of the Earth against asteroid collisions also falls into the category where a technological species, such as humanity is, finds an expanding role in the wide lattice of universal life and universal good.

The Lateral Lattice of Love

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