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Cosmic-Ray Power for Increased Cognition


The Giza Pyramids are a part of the evidence

Most of the cultural advances were started in periods of high Cosmic-Ray Flux, such as the dawn of the written languages, the dawn of Christianity, Islam, the Golden Renaissance, and so forth, including the Peace of Westphalia on which modern civilization still rests.

Researchers suggest that the  Giza pyramids were built at the transition boundary out of the last Ice Age by an extraordinarily advanced culture in geometry, mathematics, and astronomy, which became lost and has been rediscovered only in 'recent times.' Evidence suggest that the accumulative affects of the scientific advances in our 'recent' times have enabled the extraordinary population expansion that has occurred on earth during the last two centuries. It appears that no amount of genocide can put this genie back into the bottle again for the depopulation that empire demands. With the New Ice Age unfolding a scientific and cultural shockwave is in the making that promises to eradicate all systems of empire under the pressure of advanced principles, driven by Cosmic_Ray Power.

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