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A weaker Sun - A 'dimmer' Sun


What do the sunspots tell us?

The sunspots tell us that the Sun is not heated from the inside, but is a catalytic electric energy converter that becomes brighter and dimmer according to the density of the energy streams that power it. The dark of the sunspots speak of a darker and cooler sun as the long average, against which the current brightness is but an anomaly. 

The Sun's 'brightness already varies by a factor of 20 in the extreme UV band over the span of the 11-year solar cycles.

With the solar brightness being not a constant factor, the occurrence of ice ages is not an enigma, but reflects typical electric resonance cycles that are of long duration on the cosmic scale. Historic discoveries suggest that during the last Ice Age the Sun was significantly dimmer than it is today, which it will be again during the next ice age cycle. This means that when we relocate the bulk of our agriculture into the tropics to protect it from the cold, we may also need to supply artificial sunlight for it to make up for the dimming Sun.

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