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Earthquakes in the Ice Age Transition


The transition is on, earthquakes have increased 14-fold up to 72-fold

Earthquakes have an astrophysical electric component that becomes more prominent as the plasma pressure on the Sun weakens, causing increased solar mass-ejections. That's what we are seeing more and more of as the Sun continues to weaken in the ongoing Ice Age Transition. As more solar mass-ejections shower the Earth, the proton mass builds up in the ground, and with it the resulting electric stresses become increasingly explosive.

These stresses are enormous. In a sun they can build up so enormously that a sun splits up into two or three parts, or explodes altogether. On the Earth, the built-up stresses merely cause earthquakes. But with this now massively increasing, what does this mean for our tall building in cities? Also, what does this mean for the world's great dams, some of which stand nearly as tall as the World Trade Towers in NYC had stood, and the even taller dams that are now envisioned?

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