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New Ice Age Tell-tale Evidence


A weaker Sun, more earthquakes, cosmic rays, cloudiness, colder climates

As the Sun gets weaker, as measured by NASA's Ulysses satellite, the solar heliosphere is getting weaker too, which weakens its shielding effect against galactic cosmic-ray flux. While the resulting increased cosmic-ray flux results in increased cloudiness and a colder Earth, the electric induction of cosmic-ray flux gives a boost to the biological system, including the human neurological system. 

It may have been this trend that enabled the development of humanity in the first place, when several million years ago the dawn of the modern deep ice ages began. While the New Ice Age poses a challenge that could lead to our self-extinction if we fail to prepare ourselves for it by creating new agriculture with a World Development Project, the increased cosmic radiation promises a compensation in benefits that far exceed the ice age inconvenience. This means we should celebrate the few tell-tale signs that we already see.


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