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Sinking the Titanic


a casualty of The Word War still ongoing

Two rarely know facts about the sinking of the Titanic render the event a highly significant one for modern times.

1 - The Titanic collided with an ice berg on the anniversary day of the assassination of the American President Abraham Lincoln, almost to the hour. Was this arranged? The timing suggests that it was.

2 - Three of the wealthiest patriots of America died in the event, who would likely have blocked the give-away of America's currency into the private hands of foreign controlled banking empires. Was their death a planed assassination for which the ship was sunk? The outcome suggests so. The stakes were enormous. The outcome changed America forever and the world. It enabled the world of empire to flourish.

The war of empire against civilization is still ongoing. What the Titanic event enabled is now wrecking the world. The fifty trillion dollars thrown into bailout trough of the empire monetarist gambling casino has collapsed nearly all of the world's economies and is destroying what is still standing. The Titanic was an element in this theatre of war that has become a World War.

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