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Empire and War is One, and this One is the Infinite Crime. --  Empire and Peace are mutually exclusive. One excludes the other. Empire IS War. Peace IS a world without empire. Empire creates war. Its acts are crimes against humanity and the nations that have grown to infinite proportions in the modern world armed with thermonuclear weapons and depleted-uranium weapons. Both of these weapons threaten the extinction of humanity. The crime of 'Empire and War' has thereby become the infinite crime.

'Empire and War' is a single package with a single name. Its is a 'bird' with two wings. It flies on both wings. Empire has become expressed in street-gang type warfare. The World-Street Gang, the 'coalition of the willing,' is 45 nations strong. Its brave warriors are having a 'holiday of insanity' in Afghanistan, a country that has been ravaged by gang wars for 35 years already. The World Street Gang is even sharing nuclear weapons among the members, to enable crimes that individuals would be prohibited from carrying out by their innermost constitutions.

As a member of the World Street Gang the USA now commits crimes of war that are totally illegal under the nation's highest law, its Federal Constitution. And the worst of these war-crimes, the depleted uranium war-crimes, are also breaching half a dozen United Nations treaties, resolutions, and conventions, and all common moral principles, by which these crimes absolutely rank among the topmost crimes against humanity. 

Under the U.S. Constitution, every single war that the USA has started or was engaged in, small or large, was illegal. Those in Congress who in some rare cases have voted for these crimes, did so illegally.  With the victims now ranging in the hundreds of millions, a vast scene of future prosecutions and compensation claims opens up. Many of the war crimes even violate the Nuremberg statutes. But the real question is, how does society arrest this fast expanding and totally illegal World Street Gang apparatus so that further crimes would be prevented? This needs to be done in order that humanity may have a chance to survive and have a future, which it presently does not.


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