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War has become mutually assured suicide. The weapons of war have become too powerful not to have a suicidal effect. We wield weapons out of impotence, not strength, because we cannot build peace. We cannot build peace, because we live like slaves, slaves to the cesspool of empire. To establish security we need to build on the platform of universal sovereignty as was discovered in Kepler's time in 1648.

In the age of nuclear weapons we stand absolutely defeated, defeated by empire that pits humanity against one-another for this purpose. Sovereignty is the opposite of empire. Nuclear weapons are indefensible weapons by design to defeat a free society. It is pure delusion to imagine that any kind of defense is possible against nuclear weapons once the trigger is pulled or the button is pushed. This stage is now near.

Kepler would point out that nuclear war is a suicide project by its very inception, a global depopulation project according to the thinly hidden plan that has been on the ideological agenda for over 200 years already. And Kepler might warn us about the delusion that the leaders will not press the button for the nations to commit suicide. He would add then that security can only be found on the platform of universal sovereignty as had been scientifically developed during his time and made the foundation of civilization with what became the Peace of Westphalia. He might add that the principle of sovereignty, like the principle of love, is so substantial that if one breaks it, civilization disintegrates, for which the reverse now needs to be pursued. 

Sovereignty is the native element of the human being. In proportion to which this fact becomes apparent and acknowledged, wars will cease and the natural unity of society will come to light as it always does on this path, in countless ways; in economic development; in the commitment to the general welfare; and in political unity, both nationally and internationally. Kepler would tell us that sovereignty is one of the great foundations for civilization that has been lost sight of in recent decades throughout the entire western world, through cultural erosion, scientific degradation, and economic collapse, all intentionally perpetrated by the masters of empire as a means for disabling the strength of humanity and if need be to depopulate it. While it won't be easy to reverse this erosion, it is possible because the principle of sovereignty is far more deeply rooted than politics, and has now become critical for the long-standing lack of it.

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