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The Kepler Science Series - Part 2


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Sovereignty versus Nuclear War 

Nuclear war is on the agenda. It is close! And it is suicide. Kepler would urge: open your mind; look a the evidence versus the doctrines and at the 'epicycles' that hide the truth, and you'll be shocked.

Why would we listen to Kepler in regards to Nuclear War Today? Kepler was an astronomer. He lived in the 1600s. We live in a different world now. He knew nothing about nuclear war and the complexities involved.  Our world is different. Our politics are different.

Oh, is this so? We live in a world where people have closed their eyes to what they do not wish to see. That’s what the astronomers had done for nearly 2000 years prior to his time. Kepler did the opposite. He looked at things that didn’t make sense when seen with only the eyes. With this kind of commitment he started a new era in science that changed the world. He would urge us to 'look' with the mind.

Kepler would urge us to look at the doctrines that are staged in the quest of empire to rule the world, to keep society tied to the Earth. He would also urge us to look at the evidence of what is really happening all around us. He would further urge us to look at the epicycles of lies that are spun to justify the doctrines of empire, which cannot stand up in the light of real evidence.

Kepler would promise that we’d be shocked by what we would discover if we followed his advice. 

Oh, yes we are shocked.

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