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Kepler Science Series - Part 1 - Science Revolution



Kepler started a revolution in astronomy in the 1600s. The revolution continues and is now challenging the world.
There exist TWO fundamental forces in the Universe with long-distance reach.
1. The force of universal gravity - Kepler discovered its laws.
2. The electromagnetic force - its principles are discovered now. 

Kepler paved the way for the continuing discovery that unveils the electric-powered nature of the universe,  revealing the world-shaking fact that: planetary motions in the solar system, and the motions of stars in the galaxy, are each motivated by a different principle.

Kepler discovered the laws by which a gravity-bound system of orbiting planets must necessarily operate in order to exist. In an orbital system the force of the central gravity (the Sun) must be balanced by the centrifugal force of the orbiting planet. This requirement demands a unique pattern of velocity to distance relationships, which is common for all orbital system, according to the requirement of the principle involved. Kepler discovered this principle. 

It was recently discovered that the motions of stars in a galaxy do not reflect the Kepler-discovered characteristics of the principle of orbital motions. This means that stars do Not orbit the galactic center, but are moved by a different force that is expressed in a different manner, reflecting different principles. The motions of stars in a galaxy, however, do reflect the unique principles of the electromagnetic force.

All this means that the Universe is organized by two separate sets of principles, NOT just one, as it is widely believed. Of these, one reflects the principles of the force of gravity, manifest as the laws of planetary potions that Kepler discovered. The other reflects the principles of the electric force manifest in the motions of stars in a galaxy, which are opposite in character to what Kepler discovered. In other words, we are looking at two totally different phenomena, fulfilling different purposes, respective of their operational domain.

The gravity system operates in the small space of a solar system. The force of gravity doesnít reach far. It diminishes with the square of the distance. The electric force, in contrast, which does not diminish with square of the distance, operates across the vast distances of the galactic and intergalactic space. The two systems interact however at the local level where gravity is effective, whereby the electric-force particles, which also have mass, are attracted by the force of gravity towards a sun or a planet.

The end result is revolutionary. It tells us that cosmic space is teeming with vast streams of electric energy, which at the local level powers our Sun and is also freely available for human use.

What comes to the foreground here, on the basis of Keplerís discoveries compared with modern discoveries, opens up an entirely new perception of the nature of the Sun, the solar system, and the Universe.

Of course, what comes out of this also has vast political repercussions, because the discovered truth of the availability of infinite cosmic electric energy for humanity's use is not welcome by the masters of empire.

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