New Ice Age Ahead not Global Warming - Free educational videos  by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Global Warming Doctrine 

A video series in 5 segments 

on the doctrine of Anthropomorphic Climate Change

So what is the Global Warming hoopla, also called Anthropomorphic Climate Change, all about? Its a purely political project, since it is not happeing or possible in the real world. 

1 - The deception

As became amply plain during 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, the doctrine is promoted with lies and deception for a political objective that is to depopulate the planet to very few people, in the order of a billion, locked into poverty, impotence, that docile compliance to the rule of empire with yoke of slavery and looting under military force. The strategy is to disable economic activity by blocking energy use as much as possible, and to massively burn food in a starving world, under the bio-fuels project for the same objective.

2 - Climate Science

It is self-evident in the domain of real physical climate science - in contradiction to political climate science that has no actual foundation - that manmade carbon-forced climate change is not possible, never happened, and never will. (see: Climate Science vs Carbon Politics)

3 - The terror

The Global Warming Dogma is a terror weapon in that it places an invented crisis before humanity for which it states that the only possible solution that is ultimately possible is for humanity to cease to exist. The human being and human activity is intensely vilified. In the shadow of this terror war is more easily unleashed, which is the typical response of empire when its monetarist system, its imagined wealth, and thereby its power is collapsing, which is presently happening and accelerating. The end game has begun. The game is for nuclear war to eradicate Russia, India, and China who are committed the scientific and technological progress and human development on basis of economic development that invariably dooms empire to oblivion. We can block the war-drive with the development of the power of our humanity, shut down the system of empire, and thereby escape the otherwise certain doom that very few people on this planet would survive. Here lies our future, if we are to have one.

4 - Opposition in the scientific community

There is no consensus in the scientific community on the Global Warming Dogma. Numerous opposition movements have emerged over the last two decades, from small beginnings, and some with their own built-in problems as the western unemployment crisis has forced many in the scientific community into none-science-related activities, which blurs the identity of the scientific community that drives the protest movements.

Salvador Dali placed Jesus the Christ in the middle of his 1955 painting of the Sacrament of the Last Supper, with his head held high and a gesture of pointing upwards as if to say to Rome that if you strike me down you dig your own grave, because what I represent, the divine spirit of humanity, the spirit that is the heart of civilization, is the strength of the human fabric. If you deny that, then you doom yourself to a more certain doom than your worst enemies could ever inflict on you. And so Rome, heeding not the warning, did fall by its own decadence.

5 - The tragedy of Global Warming Carbon Politics

But why should we fail today on the front of the Principle of Universal Love? We have the greatest power on Earth in our pocket, which is our divine quality as human beings, which the Principle of Universal Love is merely an expression of.

Global Warming Doctrine Denial 
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