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Climate Science versus Carbon Politics

  Reality stands in denial of manmade climate change


It is assumed in the Global Warming Climate Change theory that the Sun's energy output never varies. It is called the solar constant. On this basis it is assumed that when the climate is changing, then terrestrial factors must be causing the change. On this platform the humble CO2, the carbon dioxide gas in the air that all life depends on so that none of us would exist without it, has been selected to play the villain that carries the blame for all the climate changes on earth. However, the Sun is not a constant factor. This fact is well known, but it is being ignored.

The proof that CO2 is not a climate danger is in the Sun. The Sun is forever changing, and with it the climate is changing as the Cosmic-Ray Density changes with the Sun. This is the foundation that real climate science is based on.

Another proof is found on Mount Everest. In comparison with the immense height of the mountain (29,000 feet) the man-made CO2 adds up to a mere one third of an inch, the size of button on a shirt.  That's far from being a catastrophic forcing factor, is it? The Global Warming hoopla is a lie. The elite dance under the banner of empire, "In Lies We Trust!" Under this banner society is induced to kill 100 million people each year in the largest silent holocaust of all times as their food is being burned in automobiles in the form of biofuels. That's the sad truth behind the lies.

Manmade Global Warming carbon politics are being refuted by common logic 
and by a wide range of discoveries in actual cosmic climate science

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