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Global Warming Carbon Politics

Understanding the history leading up to it


The Global Warming Doctrine was invented when during the cold years of the 1960s and 70s when the science community became concerned about what might be needed to prepare our world for the impending return of the Ice Age. 

An honest response to the Ice Age Challenge would have created a powerful new scientific, technological, and economic renaissance in our time. However, this renaissance would have been of a kind that the ruling oligarchic system would not have survived. Thus the Global Warming Doctrine was invented to protect the oligarchic system. The doctrine has been immensely promoted ever since. It still rules the world to the present day. It does so even while the evidence is to the contrary. The doctrine has its roots in the same decadent sewer of empire that in earlier times had destroyed the Golden Renaissance. Only the American Revolution for independence had successfully stood its ground against this force. Just as the Carrying Capacity Doctrine was conjured up to counter the revolution, so, the Global Warming doctrine is deployed again. The carbon politics are just another phase of Carrying Capacity Doctrine that was invented by a Venetian servant of empire in the 1790s, whose doctrine became the standard liberal doctrine of empire in our modern time. 

Its core ideology is to prevent human development that invariably threatens empire. Thus, scientific and technological progress became the enemy of empire. The Global Warming Carbon Politics are deployed to serve the same end.

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