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 Acknowledging the Electric Universe 
Pivots on Love
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Rolf A. F. Witzsche


The Electric Universe is reality that's hard to ignore with the eye of science. However, electro-astrophysics also presents evidence that the next Ice Age is closer at hand than we imagine, with its immense challenges that should inspire us to raise our love for one-another and our humanity to secure our future and build a brighter world.


The evidence is monumental, but...

Oh yes, the evidence that we live in an Electric Universe is monumental indeed. Of course there are games being played on the political level to hide this reality. It would be surprising otherwise, because if the electric nature of the universe was acknowledged fully, this acknowledgement would totally alter the political, economic, and cultural landscape of the world. It would eradicate nearly all political, economic, and financial systems that presently dominate humanity and keep society in chains, tied to poverty, slavery, and stupefying myths. 

These are strong words, but they are self-evidently true. Consider for example the dynamics of the recurring ice ages, and the ongoing transition to the next glaciation cycle that mainstream science is forbidden to acknowledge, just as it is forbidden to acknowledge that manmade global warming, which is physically impossible, is a myth.

Assume that the Electric Universe theory was universally acknowledged. Its postulates that easily explain the truly gigantic ice age cycles - which no other theory is able to explain except in dreams and fakery - would inspire an immediate response in mankind towards building the needed infrastructures to secure its food supply that is presently located to a large degree in the high latitude regions that are in danger to be disabled during the transition period, which may occur quite rapidly.

The mainstream theory of the universe, the Gravity-Only Astrophysics, blocks the electric factor from being considered, which renders the ice age cycles phenomenon resulting from long-term cyclical variations of the orbit of the Earth, generally referred to as the Milankowitch Cycles. This theory would have us believe that the ice age transition is so slow that it takes thousands of years for to unfold, which means that no corrective actions are needed to secure the food supply of the world.

This single example tells us that the question of the Electric Universe theory is not just a question of competing opinions about how craters were formed on Mars, and so on, but is a question that is fundamental to the survival of humanity. It therefore becomes a question that is directly pivoted on love, or more specifically our love for humanity, our commitment to protect it.

Here begins a totally different form of value accounting. Assume for example that the Electric Universe theory was so vague and with so little evident to back it up, that only a 1% chance did exist that it is correct, and that the electric ice age dynamics are correct. Would this 1% chance justify the effort to create a worldwide economic and industrial renaissance to relocate the potentially endangered agriculture? If we would answer no, then we would say that the value of humanity isn't worth the pennies to protect it. In this case we would have no incentive to assure that the Electric Universe theory is recognized and developed. If on the other hand our love for one another and for humanity that we are a part of, would inspire us to spare no effort to protect the most precious that exists on our planet - the most precious form of live that ever existed on earth - then we would make the appropriate immense effort to explore the Electric Universe is all its dimensions in order to be able to adjust our living in line with the changing conditions that the electric nature of the universe presents to us, such as the Ice Age ahead, to which the transition has already begun, slow as it may be.
See: Ice Age Precursors

The key item therefore, which separates the above two questions and our responses, is love. If our love is so small that it doesn't inspire the needed reaction, we are prepared to commit suicide by default. What pivots on this love is the question of what type of universe we live in. Do we live in an actively powered electric universe with infinite potentials for energy resources, or a passive universe that burns itself out for which we lay ourselves into our grave to die.

Fortunately the evidence of the Electric Universe in operation is monumental, and is growing week by week. The existence of the Earth, and the solar system itself, is a part of the evidence. It is a silly notion to assume that the planets were made of dust swept together by gravity-forced accretion. Our atmosphere is constantly loosing a part of its uppermost layer that is swept away by the solar wind, which gravity is too weak to hold in place, much less to attract more. The very principle of an accretion disk which the solar system resembles to some degree, is an electromagnetic principle. No mechanistic principle can explain the close alignment of our solar system to its ecliptic plain, including the asteroid belts. However, if one considers the solar heliosphere as an electric system with the heliospheric current sheet flowing back to the Sun on the plain of the ecliptic, then the existence of an electromagnetic alignment becomes self-evident.

Likewise the orbits of the planets are evidently actively powered, and electrically ordered. All the planets of the solar system orbit at a velocity that's roughly 71%  of the escape velocity for their respective orbits. The escape velocity is a value of speed at which the centrifugal force of an orbit exceeds the gravitational hold. Below that value and orbit decays as the gravitational attraction exceeds the centrifugal force. At their current velocity all the planets are destined to fall into the Sun, but they are not doing this, which means that a third force - the electromagnetic force, interacting with the heliospheric current sheet - acts on the orbits by which the orbits are actively maintained.

That the orbits are actively maintained is evident by their spacing. It was discovered by the astronomer Johannes Kepler in the early 1600s that the spacing between the orbits increase with distance in a geometric progression. No mechanistic reason for this progression is rationally possible. But if one considers that the current-density in the hemispheric current sheet is weaker by the square of the distance from the Sun, because the electric plasma currents become spread out over larger volumes of space at greater distances, then the geometric spacing of the planets suddenly makes sense. 

Electric currents flowing in plasma become magnetically self-concentrated towards node points. The distance between the node points becomes shorter when the current density increases. 
For a more details see: Electric Astrophysics


Kepler discovered the evidence of this electro-physical ordering of the planets, though the principle for it was far from being understood at the time. He simply called it, the Harmony of the World.

Now that advanced science has widened the field of our vision, we are able to see with the mind's eye the principled reason that Kepler only saw the evidence of. With the same mind's eye, thanks to advanced observations in plasma physics, and in electro-astrophysics, we are able to see numerous tell-tales that together make it rather plain that a major progression towards the next ice age is really already happening. It's in progress. We are able to see this progressing transition, because we are able to discern items of evidence that are specific to electrodynamics, pertaining to types of solar dynamics that are reflected in the climate on Earth.

In this context electro-astrophysics is no longer just an interesting game that competes for opinions, but is an element of existential proportions. If we move with it, it has the power to inspire us to create for ourselves the greatest imaginable renaissance beyond anything ever achieved in the entire history of civilization. The ice age challenge that electro-astrophysics presents to us is huge in its dimensions. It demands us to lay aside our small-minded games and develop the creative and productive power that we are able to develop as human beings with the resources we have at hand. The ice age challenge only becomes a dangerous existential question if we lay ourselves down to do nothing but defeat one-another and to die of the consequences. Apart from this, the ice age challenge opens up to us infinite horizons.

Relocating our ice age endangered agriculture into the tropics, and afloat onto the equatorial seas, is not a small undertaking, but if we develop the means to do so we develop processes along the way that will not only revolutionize agriculture and our food supply, but will also give us the freedom to provide ourselves free housing to end the horrendous waste of the human potential with slum living, homelessness, and rent-slavery and other forms of related indebtedness. In this context, electro-astrophysics truly hits home, and in a big way. But the pivot still remains the factor of love.

We have the potential today, even without the ice age incentive to give us the greatest renaissance ever, which is routinely simply ignored. In this context the ice age challenge comes to us as a blessing to get us out of our easy chair and our commitment to poverty, and become human beings in the fullest sense of the word. Electro-astrophysics is a critical component in the chain of our self-mobilization towards a stage of development where we create the power to survive and assure ourselves a future. 

We need this focus on a new future, because on the currently operating system we are dead. The current economic and financial system is dead. It is disintegrating. Our love for one-another as human beings fares not much better. It is already dead in so many regards. We have 20,000 thermonuclear bombs arrayed against us to prove the point. We have homeless people by the millions. We burn food in huge quantities while a billion people are starving, of which 100 million people are committed to death thereby, conservatively, in a crime against Love that nearly the entire society participates in at the gas pump by buying ethanol-diluted gasoline that increases ozone pollution and adds deadly carcinogens into the atmosphere.
See: Mass Murder with Biofuels

Maybe the incentive provided by electro-astrophysics, that should inspire us to get our act together, will help us to banish the current crimes against God, Love, and humanity, and become human again. Maybe electro-astrophysics will inspire us to succeed where we have failed so far in politics alone, and in the religions, and in cultures. Many are struggling on many fronts to get out of the current trap, with so far too little success. On our many fronts we stand divided, terrorized, dehumanized, discouraged, and mentally reduced to obedient slaves to the system that is destroying us. Electro-astrophysics in contrast tells us of a universe where nothing is isolated, contrary, or counteracting, but is harmonizing towards the amazing construction the universe is and is developing to become evermore. The universe is Love. The entire chain of physical development we see expressed on our planet is focused on ever-richer expressions of life with evermore powerful creativity that is amply reflected in humanity, which the biosphere itself requires for its continued existence in the near future during the coming Ice Age when the biosphere requires a substantial CO2 enrichment.
See: Man-Made Global Warming Impossible

Electro-astrophysics appears to be the only science that presently has any hope of pulling humanity out of the manmade global warming fairytale. The global climate is powerfully forced by changing astrophysical conditions. It is not forced by the minuscule human enrichment of the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, which itself, is at a geo-historic absolute low point and is biologically already below the starvation threshold. Humanity has the power to end this starvation regime for the entire biosphere, provided it develops the power to become human again.

While the electro-astrophysical basis for the global climate is readily apparent, nothing will be availed by it on the global warming front until society's love for its humanity desires the principle of truth in science to become re-established as never before and contrary to all the political games to block it.

If we look to Mars and see the immense craters and the gigantic canyon Valles Marineris, the grandest canyon in the solar system, which, according to what we see, electro-machining has carved, we look at a facet of electro-astrophysics that pertains to events in the distant past - events that created these phenomena caused by the flow of immense volumes of electric power. 
See: Symbols of an Alien Sky   (Thunderbolts Project)

However, if we look closer towards home where electro-astrophysical actions affect us daily, we see there too, results that still appear gigantic to us, such as the ice age cycles and changing patterns of the global climate. Nevertheless, these gigantic occurrences on the home front, as large as they may appear, are in comparative terms just twinkles in a universe that is on 'fire' with immense electric energy that lays at our feet for us to simply tap into, freely, with which to meet all of our rather puny global energy needs.

These are the types of the deep reaching challenges and boundless riches and capabilities that the Electric Universe theory opens up our world to. This means that the Electric Universe theory is actually no longer just a mere theory, but is a practical, undeniable science with world-changing potentials. This, together with the power of a developing love in humanity that we are fully capable of developing, will change the world and make it beautiful beyond comparing.


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