Advanced Developments in Spiritual Science (13/03/2013)


The Lateral Lattice of Love
a spiritual exploration presentation

Rolf A. F. Witzsche


The collapse of civilization is rooted in the spiritual collapse of society as it withdraws itself from the operational model that supports civilization, which may be termed the House of God. The trend away from this model is tragic in consequences, but it can be reversed since the model remains valid for all times. 


A healing experience in the House of God

A long time ago, while a person close to me was undergoing a lengthy surgical procedure, I felt a sense of crisis erupting. I sensed a call for help right across the city. The call came a short time after the scheduled start of the procedure. The sense of urgency indicated that some form of support was immediately required. The urgency was a type that left no time for me to reason things out in a linguistic manner. In response I drew together all that I knew, into a graphic construct. 

What I saw in my mind was amazing, I saw, more in the role of an observer, a wide lateral lattice of hearts unfolding before me. I was aware that the person in need had not a strong heart. Perhaps based on this knowledge, I saw strands of light glowing across the lattice in a vast connecting network. I saw them as strands of love. I saw a movement unfolding in which the hearts in the lattice were contributing a bit of their strength to the heart in crisis that needed support.

After a while of observing the process the mental scene became quiet again, but not for long. Soon, quite suddenly, the sense of crisis erupted again, which prompted the same response on my part, almost like a spectator looking on, rather than the orchestrator of it.

After the mental scene became quite again, a while later, the sense of crisis erupted once more. Only this time, when the sense of urgency abated, I felt a deep peace unfolding. The crisis had evidently passed, though the surgical procedure itself wasn't due to end for a couple more hours.

The second amazing thing happened later that day in the early evening. When I visited the person in hospital I was greeted with a smiling face as bright as a light bulb, indicating that a great victory had been won. What I saw was amazing for a person having come out of surgery just a few hours earlier. The visit became a celebration.

What had happened?

What had I seen? Had I seen the principle of civilization unfolding? Had I seen the parables of Jesus all rolled into one? Or was it all just a dream? Except dreams don't have that kind of an effect. The closest rationalization that I found that matches what I have experienced, is a concept developed in the late 1800s by America's renowned spiritual scientist, Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science. My experience matched what she described in her textbook as "the scientific translation of immortal Mind." 

She describes it in three parts: God, Man, and Idea, with man referred to as "divine image," and idea, as "divine reflection." 


GOD: Divine Principle, Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Spirit, Mind. (divine synonyms)

MAN: God's spiritual idea, individual, perfect, eternal. (divine image)

IDEA: An image in Mind; the immediate object of understanding. - Webster. (divine reflection)

I saw before me the divine process unfolding, translating God, Principle, into universal manifestation, through God, as a divine reflection. In the lattice that I saw, everything existed on the same level. Nothing was above, nothing below, and everything was aglow with strands of love, and was vital.

Wars are not possible on this platform?

It is self-evident that wars are impossible on the platform of this lateral lattice of love. Wars just can't happen there. Poverty can't happen there. Stealing and deprivation can't happen there.

But all of these evidently can happen outside the context of the dynamic interplay of love. Great tragedies happen when people close the door on God and try to live outside the lattice of the Translation of Immortal Mind, all standing in isolation from one-another and without love. Here, outside the lateral lattice of Love, slavery becomes possible, even inevitable, on any scale: from rent-slavery, to monetarist slavery, to theft, terror, war, and genocide.

 When landlords in their greed demand rents for meagre living spaces at rates that exceed a people's entire income with nothing left over for food, and this happens evermore in many of the once civilized places around the world, a new form of slavery is arising that makes the black slavery of old seem almost benign in comparative effects. In this hell of denial where love has no place and the term humanity has no meaning, the world has become a house of empty hands and lifeless hearts. 

In such an empty world, cultivated from the seeds of empire, economic collapse is inevitable and war unavoidable, even thermonuclear war. My money, my money, may be society's grave song in the end - the song of thermonuclear war that comes with consequences that no one can survive - the final doom song, the final depopulation song, performed with the background music of a quarter of a million Hiroshima-power explosions.

The House of Empty Hands

In the dark house of empty hands even the most precious is collapsing. But can the precious be restored? Can the final doom be blocked, and what is lost be recreated? Can the clock be turned back. Does anyone really know where the turning point lies? 

The turning point for America might have been the assassination of President Kennedy (1963) and others, followed by the reversal of Kennedy's order of disengagement from the  Vietnam War and the subsequent massive escalation of it, and later the cancellation of the Apollo Moon landing that had brought cultural optimism to the world. 

The turning point might also have been the rise of the depopulation ideology that began with the slogan: "The Earth has cancer, and the cancer is man," with the empire's depopulation quest standing in the background calling for mass-depopulation to the two billion mark.

The turning point might also have been the start of the Cold War and the rise of greed and poverty, intertwined with the dawn of the policy of deindustrialization.

Whatever the turning point was, a force against the spirit of humanity was unleashed that even brought the churches to its knees. America's rising star, Christian Science, began to collapse from 1971 on, from close to 5000 active practitioners to 333 in 2013. While only a thousand churches closed their door, of the 1,800 existing in 1971, those still operating are largely empty houses.

The trend of inner destruction that was inflicted on America has not yet been reversed. America has become poor. A whopping 48 million people live on food stamps. But America stands not alone in the hell of poverty. According to a Red Cross report poverty in New Delhi in India, is back to World War II levels of the end-years of the British Colonial period. In Europe too, the Spanish Red Cross is supporting 3 million people with food aid (73 million pounds in 2012), and 21,500 people with water and electricity, or with financial aid in paying rent. Likewise in Romania, the creeping poverty has drawn three million people into absolute poverty. That's 14% of the country's total population. 

On the food-front itself the tragedy is still worse. Here the food burning for biofuels consumes the food resources that would normally nourish 200 to 400 million people. In a world that has a billion people 'living' in chronic starvation, the food burning translates itself into a death sentence for upwards to 100 million people a year. 
See: Mass Murder with Biofuels

The entire planet has locked itself, by its small-minded isolation from one-another, onto the fast track of becoming a house of empty hands and empty hearts with a commitment to nuclear war. 

Still, a reversal is possible. A change in government policy can start a change in direction, but the real change will have to begin with a policy change in society at the grassroots level towards the rebuilding of the foundation of civilization that reflects in principle the Translation of Immortal Mind manifest as a lateral lattice of 'hearts' bound by strands of light that are strands of love - the human expression of divine Love. 

The age of the house of empty hands and empty hearts can be put into the trash bin of history on this platform. The potential for this reversal exists. But will it be done? Will it be done in time? In the wasteland outside the lateral lattice - outside from divine Love being expressed humanly, standing afar from the active Translation of Immortal Mind in daily living - the world stands precariously at the precipice of nuclear war. In the 2006/7 timeframe the world came close 4 times to falling off the edge. There may have been many more such close calls that no one knows about in the public. Those close calls should have been seen as wakeup calls. By living evermore staunchly outside the model of the lateral lattice of Love - instead of translating the model into living actions rather than into dead speeches - humanity may well fall off the cliff and suffer the consequences. It took a big tumble in World War I and again in World War II, and more so in the modern wars, and suffered horrendous consequences. 

Our falling off the cliff completely wouldn't be a big step further from the present stand. In the 'good old days' of the Cold War the time between detection of a missile launch and impact was measured in the range of 40 minutes. The time was sufficiently long then to enable the credible assurance to one-another that a counter strike can be launched before impact occurs. The deterrence against war rested on this assurance. This 'stability' has been eroded. In the 'good old days' the 40 minute window was wide enough to allow for an emergency dialog, a kind of "space for repentance" before 'pulling the plug,' (see: Brighter than the Sun). This space for repentance no longer exists.  

Now, America has strategic missiles positioned 5 minutes flight time from the gates of Moscow. The principle of deterrence demands that a counter strike can be launched with credible assurance within the narrow timeframe that is now measured in seconds, between a detected launch and its impact. This type of assurance can only be achieved with the use of an incredible high degree of automation that leaves almost no room for human intervention in the entire strategic 'defence' process. The slightest slipup, an accident, equipment malfunction, and of course also sabotage, could tip the balance at any moment of any day. And so, the unthinkable event draws ever-nearer to its happening. 

The only credible option of defence that we have as human beings, and have at hand, is the platform of the lateral lattice of Love that is the model of the scientific translation of the divine in human expression. No other such model exists for civilization. To the degree to which this model is trashed, civilization is doomed.

The video series that I produced some time ago to explore the dynamics of living outside the model of the lateral lattice of Love is still valid.

* Sovereignty versus Nuclear War
* Mutually Assured Suicide
* Arresting the Infinite Crime

If modern society should indeed fail itself and jump off the cliff as it aims to do, humanity alone would suffer the consequences. The universe would continue. In a few ice ages down the line, after the dust has settled, in a million years perhaps, a new human society might emerge and perhaps then take the simple steps to translate the model of the lateral lattice of Love into life. The model would be the same then as it is today. The universe is patient. A million years is but a flick. However, humanity would cheat itself terribly badly by jumping off the cliff, for which there is no need when the footsteps are simple for translating the universal divine model into action.

That the danger is critical is evident by the bold steps taken in the timeframe in which this article was written, by Gen. Martin Dempsey, the highest-ranking military officer of the USA, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, when he accepted an offer by Gen. Valery Gerasimov, chief of the general staff of the Russian forces, to discuss differences on missile defence (see: Report). It appears that, while nothing is certain at this stage, the simple route of implementing the divine model is becoming evermore attractive, especially with the reality evidently now dawning that no real alternatives actually exist (see: Webcast).

It may well be that Mary Baker Eddy's "Scientific Translation of Immortal Mind" may some day become recognized as her most critical contribution for humanity's recovery from its present hell, and possibly the most critical contribution that anyone could have made, or could make.

The divine model that she presents - which is expressed in the dynamics of the lateral lattice of Love - is the only model for the functioning of civilization that exists. Universal Principle is singular. Its model is singular. Civilization is the manifest of a single principle. It is not possible for a dozen different principles for civilization to exist. Principle and its idea, its active expression, is one.

The question that Mary Baker Eddy raised almost 150 years ago with her brief statement of the "Scientific Translation of Immortal Mind," of course involves a number of secondary questions, such as: How is God being translated into human expression? Are we the hand of God? Are we the light of Love? What is the deemed value of God? And so on.

How do we answer? Shouldn't the perceived value of God - that can have no measure, or that includes all measure - be translated as the inherent value of man from the smallest individual to the whole of humanity? If this translation from the divine into the human doesn't happen, there is something faulty in the process. If the value of a human being is deemed to be zero, there is something spiritually and scientifically lacking, as thereby the value of God is deemed to be zero too. The deemed value of one is the deemed value of the other. The crime of crying, God, God, with empty hands, is a crime of self-denial and the denial of God. These types of convoluted paths open the gate to doom.

Another type of deadly thought that is also frequently encountered, is that God meets all human needs so that the individual of humanity bears no responsibility towards meeting the human needs for one another and for the building of a civilization that reflects infinite Love. When individual persons are dragged into poverty on this path that denies the divine model, so that the victimized cannot meet the demanded royal ransom that landlords increasingly demand, the resulting 'poor' victims become labelled as sinners who have fallen from God's grace and are thus shunned and stepped on. This happens all too often. On this basis many a church and institution, with a few exceptions, has rendered itself to the world a House of Empty Hands, and has condemned itself thereby more tragically than it condemns the poor from whom it withholds God's blessing.

There is no Bank of God in any city. The grace of God flows through humanity. God is translated in this process into profound expression. In the flow of this translation poverty ceases, wars end, and nuclear war is inconceivable.

I have created a fund to facilitate this process of translation of the divine into human expression. The fund has a practical element, to meet a person's critical need who has gone through hell for more than 20 years, to help pay the rent, to help buy food. The fund also has a second purpose; to raise the self-perception of humanity, which translates itself into a higher perceived value of God. By this measure we can judge how close we have come to placing ourselves into the universal lateral lattice of Love where life is bright, beautiful, rich, and secure.


The Raising the Value of God Fund 

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