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Logical deduction is a trap. It places a barrier at the end of its road. Science is taking us to discoveries beyond the barrier. It is taking us onto an endless path. Thus the discoveries continue in the spiritual scientific realm that Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science has prepared a developmental platform for, with a grand demand attached to it, saying on the first page of her textbook on Christian Science: "Future ages MUST declare what the pioneer has accomplished."



The following are my latest articles with wide-ranging explorations and discoveries
Rolf A. F. Witzsche

The God Fields

A spark of love can rebuilt our humanity, and with it open us to the 'God-Field' that is surrounding us, where God is Love that is reflected in love.

Mental Malpractice and Animal Magnetism

Most forms are hidden and seductive. They are typically perpetrated for the type of objectives that a free society would not consent to. 

The Lateral Lattice of Love  

In the lattice that I saw, everything existed on the same level. Nothing was above, nothing below, and everything was aglow with strands of love, and was vital.

Healing the House of Empty Hands

Christ Jesus' injunction is that in the shadow of their unfulfilled debt to Love all the sermons, lectures, ceremonies, or whatever, lack the substance to be worth anything.

A Great Human Miracle Occurred

The practical aspects of what Mary Baker established over the span of 44 years after her discovery, may have been the culmination of the prayers of a nation for an emergency healing of the slavery crisis.

The God Project

Since no one has ever seen God with the eye, except with the 'eye of the mind,' it is generally acknowledged that God is not material.  For a definition of what God is, one will have to look into the nature of the intelligence that is reflected in the universe, its spirit, its purpose, its 'love.'

God's Money, not My Money

The only real debt that society can ever owe, or burden itself with, on this platform, is the debt it owes to one-another and to God in the form of unmet obligations toward meeting the human need in all its vast dimensions.

The Value of God

The people asked him; "tell us plainly, what God is - tell us about God in terms we can understand." The holy man answered that he couldn't do this, but that he could tell them a story about themselves in which they could find their answer.

Is Prayer Effective on the World Stage?

 Prayer is effective on the larger world scene? Experience has shown that it has the potential to be highly effective to advance the cause of good. The blocking factor, the deadly crime, is indifference.

The Great Collapse of the USA, Christian Science, and Man

It was a poison pill against the deepest spiritual value of a society, the slogan: "The Earth has cancer, and the cancer is man."

Stemming the Collapse of Civilization from Hitler, to Bush, to Obama, to Zero

A single policy thread ties all the modern dark periods of history into one project, from World War I on with the thread leading on unbroken to President Obama, who may actually succeed in destroying civilization and humanity with it.

Dynamics of Prayer

"The prayers in Christian Science churches shall be offered for the congregation collectively and exclusively." The requirement for collectively reflects the opening of the Lord's Prayer: "OUR Father."

Acknowledging the Electric Universe Pivots on Love

The question that pivots on Love is: Do we live in an actively powered electric universe with infinite potentials for energy resources, or a passive universe that consumes itself in which we lay ourselves into our grave to die?

Ask Mary Baker Eddy

Mary Baker Eddy sets forth in her textbook, her deep conviction that there is no such thing as matter in the universe, meaning that all things are constructs of spiritual phenomena rather material actions and conditions. 

Manual for Civilization

In the last pages of the Bible the writer envisioned a foursquare city descending from God to humanity. Mary Baker Eddy used this geometry to build her entire lifework on as an ideal platform for scientific discoveries and spiritual development.

Mary Baker Eddy's Science Revolution

A triangle has a unique geometric shape, a geometry without opposites. This geometry reflects Mary Baker Eddy's most profound discovery in divine Science, which sets it apart from every other religion. The difference is that in the real world, the world beyond illusions, no opposites exist.

Me, a Church of Christ Scientist

Church is: "The structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle." - "Love is reflected in love." Presenting the first (1898) Christian Science Lesson Sermon online.



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