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Healing the House of Empty Hands
a spiritual exploration presentation

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

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How do we measure ourselves standing at the altar of God? Do we come bearing gifts with empty hands? How do we measure our gifts that we bring, and with these gifts measure the strength and security of civilization? What value do we attribute to one-another, which defines the value we find in God - the value of life and of love?


A long time ago, probably in the late 60s, I stood in front of a grocery store in the central area of Washington D.C. holding several large bags of groceries in my arms, wondering how I was going to carry those bags for all those long blocks to my lodging. As I stood there, a large car drove by, stooped, and backed up slightly. "Young man," said the driver, "do you need a ride?" "Hop in," he said kindly and drove me home.

I have been several times in Washington. I have visited the Museums, the Hirshhorn, the National Art Gallery, the National Air and Space Museum, etc, and the monuments, and attended concerts at the Kennedy Center, but the one thing that still stands out in my mind above them all, is the kindness of that man who stopped and gave me a ride home, and seemed proud and pleased to do so.

I wondered why this one brief incidence was so special that I remembered it for all those years above everything else. It appears that the answer is located in one of the parables that Christ Jesus had taught.

A healing at the altar of God

In one of his teaching sessions Christ Jesus suggested that if a man came before the altar of God to offer a gift, while he owed the gift of love to another person, he should go away and first fulfill his debt to Love, and then come back and offer his gift on the altar (Matt. 5:23).

Evidently the gift wouldn't be fake then, but be a gift built on love in deed. If the above would have happened in a real case, the man would have been healed by the challenge put before him, and by his living up to the challenge.

This type of healing is sadly needed in the world today. The pulpits are far too many where preachers praise the Lord, deliver sermons on God's greatness, and lectures to the public, even ceremonies in giant cathedrals or whatever, while turning their empty hands to the poor and needy without a penny to fulfill their needs. Christ Jesus' injunction is that in the shadow of their unfulfilled debt to Love all the sermons, lectures, ceremonies, or whatever, lack the substance to be worth anything. And so they will avail nothing, or less than nothing.

It is not a small task that Christ Jesus suggested should be fulfilled, to extinguish the debt to Love. America's spiritual scientific pioneer of the 19th Century, Mary Baker Eddy, presented a model of a debt-free environment in which God, immortal Mind, is translated from the absolute into its divine image in man, and its objectified reflection or manifestation (see: The Lateral Lattice of Love). Here, in the lateral environment where all is Love, universally expressed in a love that combines all into one, no debts to Love are possible or imaginable.

Since it is challenging to live up to this model, as Christ Jesus suggested, since it demands great honesty, it is tempting to simply step away from it. For those living apart from the divine model, Mary Baker Eddy presented her scientific translation of mortal mind. It defines the environment outside the divine model and the footsteps of getting back to touching the hem of reality. She defines the scientific process in which erring mortal mind, which is an error in concept really, becomes translated to a higher state, to the boundary of the divine reality where the term no longer applies. She defines a three-stage transformation from physical depravity, along the transitional stage of moral progression, to the stage of spiritual understanding where the concept of an erring mind no longer is valid as it has been translated into what it really is, an impossibility. 

That's the task that Christ Jesus puts onto the plate of all those who would offer gifts to God. If the task is fulfilled, no debt to Love remains, as in the process all human needs are extinguished and the divine requirement is met.

Mary Baker Eddy calls the process of extinguishing the debt to Love, "Scientific Translation of Mortal Mind", which is itself a process of extinguishing ones debt to God. When the process is complete the false will have been forgotten. 


First Degree: Depravity (unreality).

PHYSICAL. Evil beliefs, passions and appetites, fear, depraved will, self-justification, pride, envy, deceit, hatred, revenge, sin, sickness, disease, death.

Second Degree: Evil beliefs disappearing (transitional qualities).

MORAL. Humanity, honesty, affection, compassion, hope, faith, meekness, temperance.

Third Degree: Understanding (reality).

SPIRITUAL. Wisdom, purity, spiritual understanding, spiritual power, love, health, holiness.

The three degrees are like successively higher university degrees. Mary Baker Eddy seems to suggest that human loving, and everything that goes with it in real terms, depends on the completion of the translation process succeeding by which the mortal, isolated sense of existence, ceases to exist, and the mind beholds reality, which is then no longer 'fake' in real terms. 

Stepping away from physical depravity and recognizing its total lack of value, is a good start; the first step. The joy to see the disappearance of what has no real value, is a good second step. The scientific understanding that all reality - all that is of value - is spiritual, is the third and final step of getting a grip on what is actually real in the universe.

Christ Jesus suggested that if one completes the third degree, one is actually capable of discerning the value of God. Then one's gift of gratitude would be an honest gift, built on a healing gained along the way, whereby the gift of praise would be acceptable.

The evidence suggests that the world in general is far from completing the first degree, or even working at it. As a consequence civilization is collapsing on all fronts: on the physical/economic front; on the moral/cultural front; and even on the scientific/spiritual front. 

For example, Americas most advanced religion, Christian Science, has collapsed to less than 7% as a movement from what it had been in 1971 in the USA. A whopping 93% is gone with the wind, together with a thousand churches. 

A similarly massive collapse has been experienced economically in a similar timeframe from the President Kennedy assassination onward. The US economy experienced a huge collapse in just the last five years from October 2007 on (here is a brief example). 

When unemployment doubles from 6.7 million to 13.2 million in only five years, a huge collapse is in progress.  When the accumulated national debt of all the years before 2007, which stood at 38% of GDP at this time, suddenly jumps to 74% in only 5 years, an enormous economic collapse in progress.  When the number of people living on food stamps increases in the same timeframe from 27 million to 48 million, we are looking at a human tragedy that is far bigger than a mere collapse. The food stamp program, also known as the Supplementary Nutritional Assistance Program, or SNAP, is the affected people's final line of defence to avoid starvation. And even then, for many people, the allotment is too sparse to last for more than 2/3rd of the month And this meagre assistance is about to be cut.

A study of the city of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, the sixth largest city (pop. 41,000) in the state, revealed that a full one-third of the population in the city get SNAP assistance, despite the fact that the average income for the families living there is between $30,000 and 38,000 a year, most of which goes for rent payments.

When the huge number of people who are kept barely alive by the SNAP program, suddenly nearly doubles to 48 million nationwide, the nation is facing a catastrophe in the making. 

The crisis is far bigger than 1000 churches closing their doors. When landlords jack up their rent demands to levels that exceed many people's total income, which happens more and more, who by being unable to pay the rent end up on the street, the resulting collapse of civilization adds up to a crime against humanity of huge proportions, and thereby a crime against God. 

The very suggestion that humanity is of so little value that mass-depopulation is put on the agenda, with almost no protests being raised against it, speaks of a cultural degeneration in society that puts even the first-degree achievement far out of sight.

The same collapse is also evident in the strategic arena. In the early stages of the Cold War the long distant flight times of nuclear missiles in the order of 30-40 minutes left enough time for a credible assurance that a counter-strike can be launched. This assurance prevented the trigger-happy from launching a nuclear war. Now, with technological advances achieved and implemented the response time from detection to impact has been reduced to timeframes counted in seconds, with the life-saving assurance that would deter a war now reduced to zero. The USA is now boldly boasting of its technological power to 'win' a nuclear war. Insanity is triumphant (See LPAC Webcast, 15/03/2013).

In a world in which universal love is written in such small letters that it is almost invisible, and is even deemed a nuisance, civilization is necessarily dying. Its light has faded to almost nothing. Nevertheless the potential remains for society to climb out of its increasingly deadly hell. However, the path remains the same it has always been, a path for earning three consecutive degrees. The degrees can also be seen as degrees of value we place on God, and thereby on one-another. If this value is lost, civilization is lost and life becomes precarious.

That the collapse into the insanity that destroyed the USA, Europe, and much of the world, was probably by intention and is likely celebrated for its success, is evident in the nature of the banner of the late 1960s "The Earth has Cancer, and the Cancer is Man" that has been gradually reshaped over half a century into a policy monster to eliminate 6 billion people on the depopulation train to a world population of only one billion. 

The mental crime against humanity that unfolds here reeks of a cesspool of such horrendous stale decadence that the worst depravity that the term includes smells like roses in comparison.

Too much has been lost along this path to hell, almost too much for any hope for a recovery to remain within reach. Still hope remains. It remains lodged within the heart of Love expressed in universal loving. The kindness of the man who gave me a ride home in Washington, who had seen me struggling with my grocery bags, is still alive, because its root is divine, though rarely seen as such. The root of this kindness is still in the heart. It still finds expression now and then in drips and drabs, but what should hinder us to allow the drips and drabs to become a torrent?

Once the recognition of value where value is real, takes hold, which is really the essence of the three degrees then a torrent is possible that can change the entire landscape of the world.

As a type of measure, with which you can measure yourself where you stand in the landscape of the divine where all value is located and is measured in the flow of universal love, I have created a fund to help a person to get her life back after twenty years of abuse and torment, to help with her rent and food. When the need is met the fund will be closed.

With this fund society is also invited to measure itself as to how closely it meets Christ Jesus' requirements at the altar of God for the demonstrated value of God to be acceptable.


The Raising the Value of God Fund 

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