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Marriage on the Infinite Plain
 in Divine Science

Rolf A. F. Witzsche


I present here a new development in Christian Science that is built on new discoveries in Mary Baker Eddy's work and revolutionary explorations of a scientific spiritual platform for the principle of marriage, and universal marriage, pioneered in the late 1800s by America's scientific spiritual pioneer, Mary Baker Eddy, the renowned discoverer and founder of Christian Science.



Marriage is a common thread found in almost every major religion in the world. The religions control it, and they control society with it to a large degree. Some call it holy, some have turned it into a curse, some have even killed people in the name of it when the doctrines are violated, and in some cultures people have become sexually mutilated in preparation for it, which to some degree still happens. 

In the liberated world marriage has become increasingly a civil covenant, easily made, easily broken, and it still remains the backbone of the platform for human generation. It has been given so many faces that one wonders whether it may not be totally arbitrary. On the other hand, with it being one of the most universal institutions in the world, one wonders whether the wide universality may not be an expression of the singularity of a profound principle standing behind it that is neither basically religious, civil, nor mystic.

The most renowned 'modern' scientist in the spiritual domain, who had founded a church in the late 1800s, focused on healing, had made absolutely no provisions for marriages in her church. However, in the textbook in which she documented her discovered spiritual science, she has made the subject a high priority item as the third chapter in her textbook of 16 chapters. This is a paradox, right?

But more than that, she doesn't really define the operating dynamics of the principle of marriage, in the chapter devoted to it. However, she did something that no one else had done. She set up a scientific foundation to enable society to discover the underlying principles for itself, and their operating dynamics.

The perplexing spiritual scientist who presented for marriage a new scientific dimension is America's renowned discoverer and founder of Christian Science, named Mary Baker Eddy, a farmer's daughter who had left behind her a worldwide movement that she established over a span of 44 years, designed to reinstate practical Christian healing. She had worked exclusively on a spiritual and scientific basis to create a platform to aid others to, which renders her without a doubt the foremost Christian healer in modern time. 

The exploration of the subject of marriage presented here is built on a number of profound scientific aspects of Mary Baker Eddy's work that to the present day remain not only largely unknown, but are even deemed not to exist, though they do exist.

The subject is presented here in 4 parts:

Marriage on the Infinite Plain I: Divine Science

Marriage on the Infinite Plain II: Children of Jacob

Marriage on the Infinite Plain III: Jacob to Israel

Marriage on the Infinite Plain IV: Zero Distance Soul

Christian Science: Marriage on the Infinite Plain
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A wide exploration of the spiritual platform for the principle of marriage, built on newly discovered aspects of the work of Mary Baker Eddy, America's scientific spiritual pioneer and discoverer and founder of Christian Science in the late 1800s. Subjects: marriage; marriage principle; Mary Baker Eddy; Christian Science; Truth; Love; Soul; city foursquare; divine science; Christian healing; Jacob; Rachel; Leah; zero distance; Marriage on the Infinite Plain

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