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Stemming the Collapse of Civilization
 from Hitler, to Bush, to Obama, to Zero
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Rolf A. F. Witzsche


A single policy thread ties all the modern dark periods of history into one project, specifically from World War I on that created the conditions for Hitler's rise to power - the little puppet of terror - with the thread leading on unbroken to the infamous Bushes in the U.S. White House, and finally to the greatest of the 'sewer rats,' President Obama, who may actually succeed in destroying civilization and humanity with it, that others had aimed for but had failed at.


This terrible policy thread from Hitler to Obama to zero, is so well presented in the LPAC Policy Committee discussion of March 4, 2013, that it covers in essence everything I had aimed for to bring together in this article. On the day of discussion, 80 years earlier, Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated as President of the U.S.A., and in a few weeks, on April 12, will be the 68th anniversary of his death in 1945. Lyndon LaRouche still remembers the day he learned that Roosevelt's life had ended. He was serving in India at the time with America's Armed Forces of World War II in a non-combatant role.

LaRouche gained a special kind of knowledge by witnessing first hand the great difference between the American spirit that Roosevelt's administration represented and had enabled to develop, and the total opposite of the 'spirit' of empire, the life-choking disease that had India crying for independence as a sovereign nation. He may have also been present when the shadow of the partitioning of India was on the horizon that uprooted the lives of 10 million people along religious lines. He may have heard the chanting in demonstrations against it, "we are brothers, we are brothers..."

When Roosevelt died a brief spark of humanist renaissance had faded into the darkness of the new fascism that had already begun to raise its ugly head, starting with the horrific bombing of the city of Dresden and the more-massive firebombing of Japanese cities. When Roosevelt died and the orgy of mass-killing culminated into the terror campaign of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki it became amply evident that the postwar period would not be devoted to peace and economic development for a richer life for all humanity, but would be dominated by the budding new fascism.

LaRouche felt a sense of responsibility in the wake of this down-turn after Roosevelt's death, to preserve the meaning of Roosevelt's role, his spark of light in the shadow of empire, his achievements in history that were fast overturned and history itself was bent backwards again towards the forces of empire that had controlled the USA in the period before FDR and had engineered the Great Depression.

The thread of history from the death of Roosevelt to Bush and beyond was blackened by ever-greater forms of terror and assassinations of its leader, and would be leader, aimed at bringing the USA to its knees and drive it into the ground, to reduce it from the greatest economic power on the planet to a starving wreck with all its flagship industries destroyed. 

That's where we are today. The work force is reeling in pain on the unemployment lines and is languishing in homeless alleys, with now more than 42 million people living on food stamps and a large percentage of children relying on school lunches for their sustenance, if they are lucky enough to qualify, or have access to it, while the FDR-directed financial system that once had recovered the nation from the Great Depression to becoming the richest economy of the world, lies broken in the dust of monetarism that is serving only the wealthy and the ever-fewer super-wealthy, while the population is forced to suffer the sharp pain of austerity imposed with the cold machine of inflation, hyperinflation, and automatic sequesters.

What is left of civilization is hardly worth to be called that, in the face of the swelling masses for whom the term, poverty, is too mild to apply.

The postwar period from 1945 was never allowed to become a true recovery period unfolding towards peace by universal economic and cultural development. The opposite happened. Everything that had existed has become systematically destroyed, and this so deeply that the very notion of the principle of the general welfare no longer means anything. Society's sense of humanity - the perceived value of its own humanity - has become diminished to such a low state that the human being is no longer deemed to be anything of value. 

One would think that it is hardly possible for society to step down to still lower ground. This self-respect needs to be rebuilt. Nuclear war is that one step down that has been prepared. It has been long in the making towards the day when all other means fail to maintain the power of empire in a dying world. Humanity has the divine right and power to raise itself up to its native dignity where it says to the forces of evil you have no power, no right, no mandate, and no place in this world where love raises the value of humanity to equal value with God. the science exists to achieve this, and the laws exist to implement the love that protects all.

I have prepared a sequence of three videos to explore the subjection of the USA to the trek from Hitler to zero, and the struggles around the world to stem the flow towards zero and to immediately reverse course while this is still possible. Evil creeps into the human system when society sees no value in itself, nor in God. In this void it gains the appearance of great power and exerts its claim with tragic consequences.

* Sovereignty versus Nuclear War
* Mutually Assured Suicide
* Arresting the Infinite Crime

I have prefaced the series with a video on the fate of science that has its vision artificially narrowed and blinded to the most critical elements, so that science is prevented from serving humanity as a developmental platform, and to aid humanity to meet its real challenge, the astrophysical challenge, the challenge of the ice age transition that is already in progress. The preface video is (below), followed by a recent article on the subject:

* The Science Revolution  

Acknowledging the Electric Universe Pivots on Love

Science has also been turned into a tool for the destruction of humanity, such as the fairy tale of manmade global warming, with which the economies of the world are wrecked, shutting down energy production, imposing carbon taxes, even to the point of terrorizing children on this train to hell that runs on fiction with nothing real to back it up. Evil loses its assumed power in proportion as humanity acknowledges its own inherent power and its value as the reflection of God. Here are three sample videos I have created of this type of exploration:

Terror against our children

Man-made Global Warming IMPOSSIBLE  

Mass Murder with Biofuels  

Lyndon LaRouche has devoted himself from 1945 onward to develop the knowledge, the science, and institutions that can develop the means for society to rescue itself from the trek to hell, of the rising fascism reflected on many fronts, and recover its dignity and freedom from Empire that Roosevelt had stood for and had inspired humanity claim for itself. 

Lyndon LaRouche has stood for election for the office of U.S. President eight times from the mid 1970s onward, standing against the steam-roller of the system of empire that was grinding the American nation progressively into poverty in its patient submission. There, standing boldly against the forces of empire he faced slanders, persecutions, and prosecution, while he kept on fighting, even from incarceration, for a breakout from the creeping decadence that every system of empire has brought upon the societies in its sphere and under its domination. He suggests in many ways that this train to hell can be broken when humanity discovers its native worth and value and the power and means to defend it.

With his advancing age prohibiting his continued Presidential campaigns a national slate of Congressional candidates was formed to carry forward the fight for the welfare of the nation on the political platform, standing boldly in opposition to all the might of wealth and the political power that wealth and intimidation can buy. The following video presents the announcement of the campaign and the initial candidates standing for election in the most critical electoral districts.

Candidates Press Conference at the National Press Club Jan. 10, 2010

Down with the Traitors: Campaign 2010 (special video)

The Case for Impeachment of President Barack Obama  

The campaign continues with the involvement of evermore people, reaching into congressional offices, into the offices of senators, and state legislators. The LaRouche-organized movement to restore the Roosevelt era's Glass Steagall legislation is gaining wide public support.
Restoring the Glass Steagall law.

The campaign effort succeeded to the point that in 11 states, at the state level,  resolutions have passed that urge the federal legislators to restore the vital Glass Steagall law in order to enable a functioning commercial financial system to exist again for the rebuilding of the physical economy, and to protect it against the looting practices of speculative monetarism for which nearly 50 trillion dollars in bailout donations by the world had been demanded to keep the dead corpse of the imperial monetarist system afloat.  

The work of this wider political movement for the protection and the welfare of the nation, is having an effect on the political climate. Here are two examples of this type of work.

I Am Not A Dictator.
March 5th 2013 

Bank of the United States Legislation Statement
March 5th 2013 

But more than a political movement is needed in the current crisis of inflated insanity that makes it evermore difficult for people to live, pay rent, buy food and transportation, and clothing, and the simple physical necessities. The high-level political, moral, and even spiritual imperatives that are built on the value of the human being drift into the background and out of sight in the deepening crisis in daily living. If society cannot help itself at this low level of meeting the human need, finding too little value in itself, the power is lacking to raise the political landscape to higher ideals and commitments to human development.

It has been argued that society shouldn't criticise the wrong-doing of its leaders, but should instead pray for them and heal them. However, when the abuses are of such a severity that they threaten the very existence of the nation or large parts of it, on multiple fronts simultaneously, and even threaten the world, it becomes the responsibility, obligation, even the duty, of society to protect itself by employing the means established for this purpose. The might of empire and its evil intention rule only because society allows it to have this power, and this rule stops when the love of humanity for itself blocks all claims of power over it.

When this lave-powered system fails, as it has failed increasingly in the USA since the death of Franklin Roosevelt, and more so since the murder of President Kennedy, society needs to pray for itself, to rouse itself to fulfill its duty. Failing leadership is a symptom of society failing itself. The quality of its leadership is typically a reflection of society's own quality. 

If society had asserted its leadership in the 1830s and had blocked the intention of the Jackson Administration to vastly expand slavery by purging the native populations from their land, the American Civil War would have never happened. But society failed itself on this critical count, and as a consequence 600,000 people were killed in the resulting war and nearly 400,000 were wounded. The tragedy happened, because the 'density' of love that should have prevented it, hadn't been developed. Likewise if the German society had not failed itself in the 1930s, and had blocked Hitler's rise to power as an act of love towards itself, or had removed the man from office as his colors were beginning to show, the hundred million people that were killed in World War II would have remained alive, and the vast destruction of much a continent would have been avoided.

In the age of planned nuclear war and the free-style looting of society and the world, with such intensive enslavement of society to monetarism that large segments of society cannot afford to live anymore, society is sick, sick to its very core. That's where the healing has to begin, the healing with love. Love and monetarism are mutually exclusive.

Whatever leaders arise that play into this sickness of society and exploit it, need to be removed from office to protect the nation. And they would be removed in a normally functioning society that sees great value in itself, even the value of the image of God, and which acts to protect it by its love for one-another and for God. That's the critical factor. The world is presently failing itself on this count. The deemed value of itself is zero, and that of God nearly so.

My following article that highlights the lost value, and a related video that points ahead, both focus on the critical dimensions of the grassroots development.

A Great Human Miracle Occurred

Harvest is Seedtime

The rescue and redevelopment of civilization can be accomplished when it proceeds from the grassroots level as the value of the human being is recognized there, including its creative potential and productive power. A renaissance unfolds from the grassroots level. It may be aided from above, but it unfolds from below by raising the bottom up.

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