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Christ and Christmas

by Mary Baker Eddy


This is a new unfolding in Christian Science. I present new discoveries of scientific aspects built on the poem, Christ and Christmas, by Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science. The poem is a work of spiritual science that relates to the biblical 'city foursquare' that Mary Baker Eddy has placed her entire lifework into, by which everything that she has created becomes interlinked into one all-embracing whole. From this larger whole, new perceptions came to light about the dynamics of the Christ, and of Christian Science.     


Christ and Christmas is a poem about the biblical 'city foursquare' that is introduced in the last pages of the Bible in the book of Revelation, which speaks of an Apocalypse that ends all evil with the dawn of the scientific age. Mary Baker Eddy interprets the foursquare city as a 'city' of profound, scientifically interrelated, spiritual ideas and concepts. Nor did she leave it with that. She brought her entire lifework into this 'city' - into conformity with its structure.

My online video opens with the full text of the poem with its illustrations, followed by an extensive exploration of the 'city' of spiritual ideas that the poem is a part of and is significant in the context of Christian Science and its development.

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Part 1: See the complete text and images of the poem, as presented in the video - including high-res images.

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An arrangement of Christ and Christmas in respect to Mary Baker Eddy's 'city foursquare' is also available.

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