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The Global Warming Doctrine
Segment 2: The Terror - part 2

Beyond Terror, WAR


The giant bailout give-away since 2008, primarily by the USA, to keep the dead corpse of monetarism alive, hasn't revived anything, but has hastened the collapse of whatever real wealth remained, thus hastening the final end. And so the end game is on as everything real is collapsing. The empire's system cannot be revived. But it can be replaced. 

The oligarchy understands well that its world is collapsing, and so like a hysteric child that would rather smash its toy to pieces than give it up, it aims to tear down the whole world rather than letting its dominance over it be taken away. With this the end game is on, and the end game means war, a world war to destroy Russia, China, India, and what is left of the USA. 

Of course, now that the end game has begun, total war means nuclear war. Nuclear war had been originally designed to merely serve as a terror weapon - a weapon so terrible that all the nations of the world would give up their sovereignty at the feet of a world-controlling empire. That's what the script-writers of empire had argued in their novels long before the bomb became a reality.

Now however, that the end game has begun, the nuclear war the had never been intended to happen, and didn't happen, is very much intended to happen and may be upon us in the near future unless humanity terminates the age of empire to save itself.

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