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Global Warming (Doctrine) 
Terrorizing our children

Segment 3: The Terror - part 1



Terror is, what we inflict on our children under the banner where we tell them that the greatest criminal on Earth is a human being, alive, committing a crime against nature and the Earth by its living.

That's supreme terrorism.

Empire demands a world of less than 2 billion people (less than 1 billion lately). With this ultimate form of terrorism we disable our children's humanity, as we have disabled our own. We forge a generation that has its future denied. A blogger asked, why should children be spared the pain that we all must endure?

As if to raise the bar for us, to get society out of its entrapment, Salvador Dali placed a super-large symbol of humanity high above the scene of his paining of the Sacrament of the last Supper. He appears to say to us, if you loose sight of the essence of humanity, the very Christ idea as expressed in truth and the universal brotherhood of humanity that is an element of truth - that is the essence of love and truth - and so on, you doom yourself and your future more horribly than your worst enemy ever could. This is the historic objective of empire, and an objective for which the Global Warming Doctrine exists.


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Note: The images of the 1955 painting of "The Sacrament of the Last Supper" by Salvador Dali, presented in the videos for educational and illustrative purposes, are partial views only and are of reduced quality and color depth. The original painting is exhibited at the National Art Gallery in Washington DC, USA.

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