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The Global Warming Doctrine 

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The Grand Deception


Since the Global Warming theory has become a generally acknowledged doctrine, a careful examination of the doctrine is evidently warranted. It is especially warranted in the light of the immense suffering that society has imposed on itself under this doctrine in the form of carbon taxes, and so on, including the shutdown of industrialization, the curtailment of food production, and the burning of food in automobiles. All this is done in the name of reducing CO2 emissions to save the Earth from overheating. With this in mind, let's examine the doctrine.

It really is a doctrine. It cannot be called anything else. For example, it cannot be called a truth, because there is no truth in it. It is something that has been cleverly dished up for people to believe in, to solicit from them certain debilitating reactions that the ruling oligarchy desires as a means to incarcerate society with it, into a prison without fences. That's the historic platform of the oligarchic system of empire. The Global Warming Doctrine is designed to serve this platform.

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