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The Global Warming Doctrine Terror

part 3


Becoming Free of It


Salvador Dali placed Jesus the Christ in the middle of his 1955 painting of the Sacrament of the Last Supper, with his head held high and a gesture of pointing upwards as if to say to Rome that if you strike me down you dig your own grave, because what I represent, the divine spirit of humanity, the spirit that is the heart of civilization, is the strength of the human fabric. If you deny that, then you doom yourself to a more certain doom than your worst enemies could ever inflict on you. And so Rome, heeding not the warning, did fall by its own decadence.

But why should we fail today on the front of the Principle of Universal Love? We have the greatest power on Earth in our pocket, which is our divine quality as human beings, which the Principle of Universal Love is merely an expression of.

Is Salvador Dali saying to us with the superimposed image that seems to represent the Christ in all humanity, the essence of humanity that hovers above the entire world scene, the very essence of being human and divine, and you make an effort as I have done to project that essence that defines us all; which is the essence of Truth and Love, the very essence of civilization; then you create for yourself a world that will be brighter than anything that you can yet imagine in your tallest dreaming.

Yes, seeds are we, wind blown; carriers of secrets to be known. 
(referring to the poem below)


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Note: The images of the 1955 painting of "The Sacrament of the Last Supper" by Salvador Dali, presented in the videos for educational and illustrative purposes, are partial views only and are of reduced quality and color depth. The original painting is exhibited at the National Art Gallery in Washington DC, USA.



Harvest is Seedtime
poem by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Seeds, wind-blown
Carriers of a secret still unknown
Poems in the words of nature
Sentinels of an Intelligence yet unseen
Prophets of the enduring
Apostles in an endless landscape

Harvest is seedtime, thoughts ripening
Carried as by a great wind
Carriers of secrets to unfold
Thoughts winged with Purpose
A force waiting, silent
Patiently waiting for the moment

Thoughts do awaken
Roused by the moist warmth in spring
Cascades of colors, colors of life
Bright yellows, bursts of silver-white
Thoughts becoming creations
Monuments of genius, builders of worlds

Who owns the seeds? Do we?
Who can fathom their wonder?
Life flows from then in great rivers
Rivers trailing into oceans
In them we are alone, each one is alone
Each thought is sovereign, beauty is its song

Thoughts are seeds, becoming ideas
Alive in discovering
Alive in listening
Alive in being touched by love
Alive in loving

Like seeds, thoughts fall to the ground
Potentials are lost
Hard grounds kill the precious
But we are Man
Hard ground becomes tilled, watered
The precious is nurtured in loving

Love for one-another, the human spring
Mankind is afloat in a sea that is Love
Seeds germinate, become plants
Roots break the ground
Love lifts the barriers, patiently
Silently waiting, reaching for the sky

Thoughts are the Universe unfolding
Landscapes of brilliance, ideas of power
Substance for enriching one-another
Substance of the forever maturing
Thoughts bearing new seeds within
Seeds for splendors beyond dreams

Each harvest is seedtime
A seed becomes a plant bearing new seeds
A thought unfolding, bears up civilization
A spark in the heart, bears the 'fire' of life
New worlds are created in the 'fire' of passion
We are the bearers of a 'fire' that is light

Builders of worlds are we
New Worlds, which have never been
Precious with riches grander than our own
Nature is Love reflected in loving
Love paints with the colors of its endless spring
Love paints us all - but who owns the seed?

Who owns the cradle for the seed?
Name it Intelligence, name it the Universe
Thoughts are seeds from an infinite fountain
Monuments of grandeur of good
Fields of flowers dancing in the sunshine
All nature whispers this to us

The melody of nature - what a song!
Whispers of a splendor grander than the heavens
Like seeds are we - we whisper too
Seeds bearing gifts for the world
Gifts wrapped up in sunshine
Gems are we - unfolding a majestic song!

Listen to the song
Listen to the heart
Listen to the silence where strands of love unfold
Listen to the symphony of our humanity
In this symphony we are One
One with the Universe itself.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Rolf Witzsche
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