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The Ice Age  Breakout - 2
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- Ice Age Breakout from the Terror Train -


When Christianity was hijacked by the masters of the Empire of Rome after empire had failed to crush it with the most brutal terror possible, Christianity was simply taken over and turned upside down. This was done to prevent the dawning idea from gaining ground that humanity is more than a beast of burden or a born slave, as Aristotle had defined it. Rome, thus turned the church of Christianity into an instrument for the propagation of lies that would darken the rising Sun. This method was applied to humanity, science, and truth in modern times, to darken its horizon, which unfortunately succeeded.

The method of empire against humanity was applied all through modern history, whenever humanity dared to break out from the 'prison' of empire. The Golden Renaissance was crushed that way, revolutions were crushed, and every advanced attempt in every field, when society dared to develop an advanced self-perception and the power vested in its humanity.

The resulting war of empire against humanity has many fronts, and so far there is little evidence on the horizon that society is defending itself in any significant way. Indifference and submission to empire still pervade the world scene, even while wars, poverty, terror, and cultural degeneration gush forth from the heart of empire that force humanity onto the ground.

The breakout from this trap, to a new and rich world beyond imagination, has not yet begun. It still stands before us. Is anyone reaching for it?


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